March 24th saw the directors of Love146 Cambodia, Phillipines and the US converge on London England for the the launch of Love146 Europe.
The environment for the launch was not what presentation attendees are used to, with a raw Love146 fueled art installation by UnVeiled on one side of the room and the largest Childrens themed party any of us had ever seen on the other. The aim was to feel the sting of conflict between childhood as it could be and childhood as it is for many of those subject to sexual slavery and exploitation.
Board  member for both Love146 US/ Europe and champion of all things English ‘Mark Markiewicz’ gave a rousing introduction to the evening and sparked an enthusiastic round of applause for the Birth of Love146 in Europe.








It is a privelige to be joining those in Europe engaged in the Abolition movement as we bring our own stories, passions and innovations into this mix. We hope the noise made by voices raised as one for abolition will become deafening.





  • Anonymous

    My son’s Honors English class did a presentation tonight on human trafficking / sex slavery. It’s something that is not spoken of often, and the statistics are shocking. The class has chosen your organization to support …. their passion and enthusiasm is contagious. It’s nice to see our youth promoting something that is truly a good cause.

  • Frank

    Great to see Love146 taking off in Europe. Any plans for doing some publicity in Ireland?