If your hearts ache and bleed,

we want you, you will help us;

but if you merely adopt

our principles as dry theories, 

do let us alone: we have millstones

enough swinging at our necks already. 

Further, if you join us merely out of a

sense of duty, we pray you keep aloof and

give place to those who leap into our ranks

because they can not keep themselves out;

who instead of whining about duty,

shout ‘privilege,’ ‘ delight’!

-Theodore Dwight Weld


January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the US. Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. From Jan 1st-11th, we’ll be posting daily blogs with inspiration from the history of the movement to end slavery. Our resolution is to protect & defend the vulnerable and to restore & empower survivors. Join us in beginning 2012 by pausing to recharge our spirits as we carry on towards the end of slavery and the sexual exploitation of children.