Media Contact: Kathy Maskell, U.S. Advocacy Director / Love146 / PO Box 8266, New Haven, CT 06530 / / (office) 203.772.4420 / (fax) 203.772.3207

New Haven, CT-June 3, 2010 The first coordinated legislative initiative of ECPAT-USA (End Child
Prostitution and Trafficking), the Barnaba Institute (BI) and Love146 resulted in a victorious passage of
the historic law, Public Act 10-115, “Safe Harbor for Exploited Children.” Current CT law considers
minors too young to consent to sex and yet the criminal statutes allow a minor to be prosecuted for
prostitution—until now. Championed by state Senator Rob Kane, R-Watertown, the law eliminates the
possibility of a sexually exploited minor under 16 being charged with the crime of prostitution. It also
presumes 16-17 year olds who may have otherwise been arrested and charged with prostitution are
actually victims of trafficking in persons.


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