LOVE146 - End Child Trafficking & Exploitation




We know how many people are enslaved today.

Most child trafficking is for sex.

Only girls are trafficked for sex.

During a rescue operation, children are happy to be helped.

Victims are usually kidnapped and held under lock & key.

Human trafficking must involve a victim being moved.

This doesn’t happen in the United States.

These children are prostitutes and criminals.

Those who hurt children like this look creepy and menacing.

Only Pedophiles have sex with minors.





This list is not an endorsement of everything that is presented in these pieces — there is a great amount of nuance in such a complex issue. You’ll rarely find a full piece that uses your favored perspective, level of explicitness, or correct language. It shouldn’t stop us from coming together and being educated. Taken together, we find these books and films a helpful survey of the problem that lies before us.