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We Are Love146

Love146 is an international human rights organizations working to end...

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A Story in Aftercare

Enslaved children can be freed and restored only if effective...

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Love146 Round Home

A safe home is safe, and it is a home.

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Love146 History

Love146 works toward the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation....

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Love146 Overview

Love146 works toward the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation…...



Rob Morris shares some of his experiences from the field

Diana's Love Story

Diana’s Love Story

Diana is a survivor of child exploitation. She came to our safehome and found new life. She has since moved back into the community and

A Language of Hope

A Language of Hope

A featured video where Rob Morris, one of the founders of LOVE146, speaks on a new language of hope.

Get Off The Bus

Get Off The Bus

Rob Morris speaks on engaging in justice.

Fill The Beaches

Fill The Beaches

Rob Morris speaks on filling the beaches to end slavery.


Car Wash Across America

Car Wash Across America Summertime Carwash Campaign!

Silent Night

Silent Night

Rob Morris speaks on children experiencing hope this holiday season.

Simple Wishes

Simple Wishes

A video blog from Love146 co-founder and President, Rob Morris about the simple wishes of the girls in Love146's safehome and being a child on

Light A Candle

Light A Candle

Rob Morris encourages us to light a candle on December 23rd for those who are still enslaved and for those who have been freed.

Celebrate Love

Celebrate Love!

Join Love146 in celebrating a love that protects, defends, restores, and empowers.

Another World is Possible

Another World is Possible

Rob Morris Speaks on Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream of the impossible world.

A Season to Find

A Season To Find

Rob Morris shares some thoughts for this Holiday Season.

Place of Dreams

A Place of Dreams

Rob Morris speaks about our the opening of the new Love146 rounded safehome.

Love Thoughts

Love Thoughts

Rob Morris speaks on Love

The Making of a Girl

The Making of a Girl

Produced with filmmaker Jillian Buckley, The Making of a Girl is an intimate journey of a hypothetical preteen girl as she faces a life of



An introduction to the issue of Child Sex Trafficking and the Love146 response.