Tread on Trafficking: Run in the Name of Love

April 25, 2015
"It all started when my friends forgot when my birthday was..." Supporter Christina Bui shares about how she recruited friends to #TreadOnTrafficking by running...

Tread on Trafficking: Perspire to Inspire

April 21, 2015
"Human trafficking does not impact me. At least that's what I thought years ago as a fairly naïve college student. Fast forward a decade...

Tread on Trafficking: Climbing Mountains to End Trafficking

April 18, 2015
Supporter Katrina shares about organizing an annual community hike in New Hampshire to #TreadonTrafficking.

Connecticut: Advocate for H.B.6899

March 30, 2015
H.B. 6899 was passed by both Connecticut's House and Senate! Thank you to all who contacted their representatives for this important piece of legislation.

Colorado: Advocate for S.B.20

SB 20 is designed to assist schools with education programs to teach youth, parents, and school personnel ways to prevent and end child sexual...

Running Towards Change in a Red Dress

March 14, 2015
Kristen Guerrieri, a stay at home mom, decided to run in a red dress during rush hour traffic. Then a friend joined her. Then...


February 21, 2015
What if we stop talking to others who think differently, and try listening to them instead?

Today, we celebrate love

February 13, 2015
Chris, the leader of the Tufts University Love146 Task Force, shares about how their group is celebrating love this Valentine's Day.

A change. A birth. A new opportunity to reach children before traffickers do.

February 4, 2015
Gaz Kishere, who has been with Love146 for many years (as our Operations Manager Europe) is officially moving on from Love146 Europe in part...


December 30, 2014
I remember when our family first brought our adopted daughter… Read more

Ask Yahoo to Stand Against Child Abuse Images

November 15, 2014
Despite thousands of messages being sent to Yahoo's CEO, they have made any responses. Learn about more ways you can help make the Internet...

Typhoon Update

October 31, 2014
Three months ago, our safehomes in the Philippines were hit hard… Read more

Run, Jason, Run!

October 15, 2014
Jason Arcemont is running a marathon a day for 30… Read more

Ask Your Senator to Protect Foster Care Youth

July 29, 2014
WE DID IT! On September 18, the Senate voted to pass H.R.4980. Thank you for raising up your voice in support of you in...


July 3, 2014
It’s no lie that Texas is a big state. As… Read more

Your collective shout was heard!

June 5, 2014
In April 2014 you sent a letter to the House of Representatives, urging them to protect foster care youth from sex trafficking, on May...