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Traffickers and pimps market trafficking victims on the Internet and use hotels and motels as places of exploitation. Hotels and motels are used as a home base for traffickers to post online ads for “in-calls,” using the hotel room as the meeting place for the prostituted minor and the buyer of sex. Hotel/motel employees have the potential to be key stakeholders in the fight against trafficking: for example, a hotel housekeeper may see an excessive amount of cash in a room or notice that there is a constant flow of new people coming in and out of the room, and make a call to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Hotel owners can be the eyes and ears of the community— and you can train these eyes and ears to recognize trafficking. The Capital Region NY Task Force talked to 40 hotels/motels in their city last August at the peak of racing and tourist season. By taking a respectful and humble approach, they found that most of the businesses solicited were receptive and encouraging. The resources below will go over instructions on how to talk to managers and owners at hotels and motels about how to identify and report sex trafficking. Ideally, your group will be able to put up a poster in the hotel/motel with information about the National Human Trafficking Hotline where it will be easily visible to employees, and also schedule a training session with the employees to go over the indicators of trafficking.


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