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  • Our logo in any format you desire! Be sure to read our Style Guide for the do’s and don’t’s of logo use.


  • We’ve gathered some of our favorite photos — identity concealed and ready for you to use!

    View Photos

  • The how to guide for using colors, fonts, photos, logos, and all our brand basics!

    Style Guide

  • Planning a 5K, bake sale, film screening, or house party? We got a few pointers to help you get the ball rolling.

    Event Packs

  • Learn how you can put the active in activism with your personal workout.

    Tread on Trafficking

  • Selected pieces that illustrate the scope and stories of child trafficking and modern day slavery.

    Books & Films

  • All the videos you need for a film screening or to just share the Love146 story.

    Our Videos

  • Our own research on patterns of vulnerability and reintegration, plus some we think are a must read.


  • Helpful tips on how to communicate in a way that assists survivors of child trafficking and the abolition movement.

    Language & Media Guide

  • Learn the vulnerabilities and red flags to help protect your community from child trafficking and exploitation.

    Know the Signs

  • The 146 Handbook is designed for you to learn about human trafficking, reflect, and ultimately, inspire action!

    146 Handbook

  • Six Modules are designed to educate, equip, and empower your group as you start down the road towards abolition!

    Abolitionist Curriculum

  • Be the “eyes and ears” of your city so that child trafficking and exploitation can no longer happen undetected.

    Community Empowerment Initiatives

  • Engage fellow students and staff on your campus in the anti-trafficking movement.

    University Constitution

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