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We believe that just like previous Abolitionist movements, the power is in local grassroots efforts, mobilizing around a common cause. We are very thankful to know there are people like you who are moved to action.

Here are some suggestions and resources to help you get started.


Film Screening

-Rochester, NY

“Last fall our Task Force hosted a film screening of the film Call + Response. I had heard about others doing film events and at the time with the few people we had in our Task Force, it seemed like something we could pull off. It was a way for us to spread awareness and get the word out that we were here in Rochester fighting against something that most people have no idea is even going on in our city. We raised a good amount of money just through ticket sales and donations. Many of the people that attended came to me after the event with a clear look of shock on their faces. That whole experience made it so much more evident to me that our communities just have no idea this is going on.” -Lindsay Trahan

Dear Friend,

The reality of child trafficking and exploitation can seem overwhelming. The staggering statistics surrounding this reality can even be paralyzing.

Yet there is another aspect of this reality. There is hope. As awareness of this injustice grows, so does the action to end it. Love146 offers practical and effective solutions through prevention and aftercare.

By initiating a Love146 event you are now part of the hope and solutions for these children. Abolishing child trafficking and exploitation takes commitment and work. It will also take a collective shout from people who are adding their voices to the voices of children who are not being heard.

Slavery is rampant in our time, and the grossest atrocities are being committed against the most vulnerable – our children. With your action, we can turn the harsh reality these children face daily into a reality full of hope, life and restoration.

On behalf of the children we serve, thank you for your passion and action. Thank you for joining in the collective shout.


Rob Morris

President & Co-founder


Group Showing & Discussion


Educate your community about the complexities and severity of human trafficking by presenting a documentary and creating a forum for discussion. Here are suggested steps to help you begin planning:

1. Choose a film

Below are film suggestions as well as links to purchase the screening rights:

IMPORTANT: No matter what movie you choose, make sure that you preview it personally before hosting a film screening.

2. Find a venue and equipment

Ask for donated space at a local university, church, or community center, most of which can provide the audio and video equipment that is required. If you need Love146 tax forms or a letter of acknowledgement, please contact Consider showing the film at your house. Check out some more information on throwing a House Party in our House Party Info Pack.

3. Create a ticketing website

You can create a web-based ticketing platform through the Love146 StayClassy Website, under Host An Event. This will allow you to set ticket prices, process credit card payments, allocate funds to cover expenses, and send the remaining amount directly to Love146.

If your venue space is donated, be sure to review their ticketing policies. If they do not allow for direct ticket sales, you can also set up a donation page through the Love146 StayClassy Website under Be Creative. By creating this webpage you can set a “suggested donation” as an alternative to selling tickets.

4. Gather local speakers and experts

After the screening, you may want to have a panel of local experts to discuss different topics that arose during the film as well as answer questions from the audience. Consider asking local professors, law enforcement, and Love146 Task Force members. Visit the Love146 Task Force website to see who’s in your area.

If you would like to request a Love146 staff member or local representative to speak at your event, please fill out the Love146 Speaker Request Form. We ask that you do this at least three months prior to the event.

Set up a table with printed materials and a donation collection box. This will help visitors learn more information and take the next step in getting involved. You can purchase these materials by visiting the Love146 Store and clicking Paper Goods.

As always, you can contact with any other questions.

5. Promote the event

Once all these details are in place, it is time to promote your event. Create a free online invitation to send to all of your friends, family, and colleagues. is great for this. Also, consider developing a flyer graphic to post online, share on social media, and print out to hang around town.

Contact if you’d like us to promote your event by including it on our Calendar of Events and sending out email notifications to local supporters.

Movie Night

Here are some helpful hints on how to create an enjoyable environment for friends and family to come to and learn about the work of Love146 and how they can get involved:

1. Devise a theme

One of the hardest aspects of planning an event is finding a draw. What would get your friends and family excited about giving to Love146?

You can show a fictional film shedding light on the issue of child trafficking and exploiting such as:

Or you can choose a universally enjoyed film that will entice people to come. (The Princess Bride is our personal favorite!)

Take a few moments before it starts to speak briefly about Love146 and show a short video about our work from Love146’s Video Webpage. Or if you prefer a DVD format, contact

2. Create a donation website

AConsider creating an online donation webpage for your event with a “suggested donation” amount that you could include in the invitation. Visit the Love146 StayClassy Website and click Be Creative to get started..

3. Consider alternative methods of fundraising

Have a table with a Love146 donation collection box and printed materials explaining how to get involved. Email events@love146 for more details. You can also sell your own concessions to moviegoers (popcorn, candy and soda come to mind…) Ask local retailers like Trader Joes, Costco, and Starbucks if they’d be willing to donate these goods.

4. Promote the event

As in the previous example of showing a documentary, promoting your event is key. Create a free online invitation to send to all of your friends, family, and colleagues. is great for this. Also, consider developing a flyer graphic to post online, share on social media, and print out to hang around town.

Contact if you’d like us to promote your event by including it on our Calendar of Events and sending out email notifications to local supporters.

Thank you for all that you do!

-The Love146 Team


LET us know how it goes!

Feel free to send us an email or call the number below. Thank you for supporting Love146!

Love146 Contact Information

David Henry
Partnership Coordinator
Phone: 203.772.4420

LOVE146 TAX I.D. # 20-1168284

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