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First things first – THANK YOU.

Your willingness to host a house party in support of the work of Love146 and your desire to join in the fight against child trafficking and exploitation is deeply appreciated. As you’ll see in the next few pages, putting on a house party is an incredible way to get involved.

Love Clothing Swap

-Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve been a donor to Love146 for some time and I was hoping to find a way to do more. We created what I lovingly called a ‘Love Clothing Swap.’ The invitation stated, ‘Bring your well-loved but no longer worn clothes and leave with newly adopted clothes soon to be loved and worn by you.’ We served drinks and appetizers, spread clothes around different parts of the house… we had a moment when we paused, thanked those who were involved in coordinating the event and then spoke about Love146. We also had a donation vase. Several women were already familiar with the issue of human trafficking and for others it was a newer issue… it provided the ladies with hope to hear success and restoration stories. People really showed up in heart, mind, and spirit.”

-Bernadette Barber

House Party

-Charlotte, NC

“I love people, I love food and I love a party. What better reason to get people together than for an important cause and something that I am very passionate about? One of the cool things that happened was when I sent out the invitations. I got responses immediately. But more than that, those friends then asked if they could pass the invitation on to some of their other friends. It was amazing to see how many people have a heart for this issue and want to get involved but never knew how. This house party was a way to not only inform but also inspire.”
-Dowd Keith Simpson, wife of Webb Simpson, Winner of the 2012 U.S. Open

Dear Friend,

The reality of child trafficking and exploitation can seem overwhelming. The staggering statistics surrounding this reality can even be paralyzing.

Yet there is another aspect of this reality. There is hope. As awareness of this injustice grows, so does the action to end it. Love146 offers practical and effective solutions through prevention and aftercare.

By initiating a Love146 event you are now part of the hope and solutions for these children. Abolishing child trafficking and exploitation takes commitment and work. It will also take a collective shout from people who are adding their voices to the voices of children who are not being heard.

Slavery is rampant in our time, and the grossest atrocities are being committed against the most vulnerable – our children. With your action, we can turn the harsh reality these children face daily into a reality full of hope, life and restoration.

On behalf of the children we serve, thank you for your passion and action. Thank you for joining in the collective shout.


Rob Morris

President & Co-founder




Things to Consider…

  • Start by focusing your house party towards a specific group of people. Friends? Family? Co-workers?

  • The best results come from events that are geared to those attending
  • Decide on the basic concept for your house party so it’s easier to plan the schedule, food and activities.

  • Think about when the house party should take place. Decide on a date and a time and research it. Keep in mind to check community calendars so that you’re not scheduling against another major local event. (Think of what would happen if you scheduled your house party the same night as the citywide pie-eating contest!)

  • All in all, think about who you’re inviting and use your house party as an opportunity to serve them as best you can.

  • The more loved someone feels, the more likely they are to hear what you have to say about Love146.


Consider asking a few friends to help you plan. You can even list them on the invitation to attract more people who will recognize the names.

Forming Your Team

  • Teamwork is always better. This may sound rather obvious but you’ll be much more effective if you partner with others.
  • Choose people with unqiue personalities and specific skills. Have everyone play to their strengths – either designing, networking, speaking or promoting. Try to find roles they’d naturally excel at or enjoy.
  • Everyone has different connections that could be useful to your planning. Encourage people to dig deep to find the most helpful connections they have, either in planning, gathering materials for the house party or inviting the right people to attend.
  • Set meeting dates to have the committee report back regularly on progress or problems. This is very important so that problems can be addressed and fixed quickly.

Timing & Competing Events

Agree on a realistic timetable with your team. Start with the day of your house party and work backwards, setting deadlines for each task.


To help you ensure a successful house party, here’s a sample timetable. It may be helpful to print this checklist out, add elements that are relevant to you and distribute it to your team, having them check off tasks as they are completed with deadlines.

8 weeks before – GETTING STARTED

  • ▢ Figure out what you’re doing—here are some examples to help you start brainstorming:
    • Cocktail party
    • Sit-down dinner (for a more formal event, check out our Gala Info Packet for more information)
    • Family BBQ
    • Film Screening (see our Film Screening Info Pack for more information)
    • Clothing Swap (with hors d’oeuvres)
    • Concert either at your house or other venue with local artists
    • Book Club, Bible Study or any other discussion group or gathering
  • ▢ Receive event materials in the mail (DVD with Love146 promo video clips, orientation packets, donation envelopes and printed informational materials)
  • ▢ If you are interested in requesting a Love146 speaker, complete the Speaker Request Form as one of your first steps

7 weeks before – ORGANIZING YOURSELF

  • ▢ Determine the where, when, who, why and what of the house party
  • ▢ Choose a location, date and time (check community event calendars and your friends’ schedules)
  • ▢ Set a fundraising goal
  • ▢ Form a team to work with you and decide what their responsibilities will be
  • ▢ Write out an action plan and a to-do list with deadlines and team accountability
  • ▢ Nail down a guest list
  • ▢ Reserve any necessary equipment
  • ▢ Contact, let us know what you’re planning and allow us to assist you as needed

6 weeks before – INVITING OTHERS

  • ▢ Consider using a free online invitation platform (like to save on printing costs and request RSVPs so you know how many people you are expecting—more on writing the invitations in a little bit
  • ▢ Create your own website for selling tickets to your house party and give people the option of donating beforehand by creating a .

5 weeks before – FUNDRAISING FOR LOVE146

  • ▢ Set a fundraising goal: Engaging people to reach the target at your house party effectively sets a sense of achievement and goodwill to make the goal a reality
  • ▢ Matching Gifts: Ask your employers to match the amount you raise. There is a tax incentive for them and they can easily double the amount you are raising.
  • ▢ Consider purchasing Love146 Donation Envelopes to have on hand in case people want to send in their credit card information or donate at a later time – email to request these.

4 weeks before – PREPARING FOOD & DRINK

  • ▢ Create a list of necessary items
  • ▢ Try to get food and drinks donated: Many companies (restaurants, co-ops, natural food stores, beverage suppliers, etc…) have budgets for donated goods for such events
  • ▢ …or consider throwing a potluck and asking friends and family to bring food instead!
  • ▢ Know any business owners? Ask them to sponsor your house party: By covering the expenses, they have the ability to double or even triple their contribution and in return, you can let all your guests know about the generosity of a local entrepreneur

3 weeks before – GIVING A CALL TO ACTION

  • ▢ Head over to our Get Involved page and learn all the ways you and your guests can support the work of Love146
  • ▢ Have a table set aside for Love146 print materials that encourage people to sign up for our mailing list, join a Task Force, give monthly and donate to Love146 – contact for more details
  • ▢ Prepare remarks that explain your own story of Abolition and why you want them to get involved in the movement – remind your guests about your fundraising goals and don’t be afraid to ask for donations
  • ▢ Consider showing a short Love146 video: You can download them from our Video Webpage or contact if you prefer DVDs.

1-2 weeks before – WRAPPING THINGS UP

  • ▢ Plan food or refreshments
  • ▢ Purchase or get donations of beverages and supplies
  • ▢ Prepare your own presentation or remarks (read over the guidelines included below)
  • ▢ Make sure all guests have directions
  • ▢ Follow up with people who haven’t responded
  • ▢ Call those who have said they will come to remind them of the date and time and to make sure they have directions


Before you go sending an email to everyone on your contacts list, read this!


If you send out a mass e-mail, individuals don’t feel as though they’ve been personally asked and assume the invitation is for everyone except them. Personal follow- up with everyone you’d like to attend (whether that be a phone call, a handwritten invitation or a friendly conversation) is highly encouraged.

Be sure your invitations include the following things:

  • Date, time and address
  • Your phone number and email address
  • An option to RSVP so you have an idea of how many people are coming
  • If you chose to make your house party a fundraiser, mention this in your invitation so that people know they will be asked to contribute to Love146

Here’s a sample invitation that you can use to start writing one for your event:

Dear [name],

You are cordially invited to [name and description of event your throwing]. During this event we will have a short presentation on the industry of child trafficking and initiatives to abolish it. This is an educational, network-building and fundraising event for Love146, which works toward the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation through prevention and aftercare.


[address of event]


[date and time of event]


[explain what you’ll be doing and what will be there – food and beverages, a video, a short discussion of the issue, guest speaker or artist (if applicable) and a request for contributions to Love146 to continue the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation, and the restoration of survivors.

▢ I can’t come, but enclosed is my donation of ____

Please RSVP to: _____________________________


[visit to include a map to your house party]

Sample Event Timeline


Greet your guests as they arrive and ask them to sign in. If they are not comfortable signing up at the start of the event, ask again before they leave.

6:00pm – 6:55pm:

Leave the first hour as a time for guests to meet each other, catch up and have some refreshments. This also allows for those who arrive a bit late to come in time for your presentation.


Begin gathering your guests into the presentation area.



7:20pm – 7.25pm:

Present Love146


Show the Love146 DVD


Discuss why the issue of child trafficking and exploitation touches you, how you heard about Love146 and why the work of Love146 makes a difference. If you plan to have a Love146 speaker or artist attend your event, introduce them and give them the floor.

If you have set a fundraising goal inform guests of this goal and the reason behind it. Invite your guests to partner with Love146, providing a financial solution for the projects we support and the lives we restore. Make sure to stress that monthly giving is the best way friends and family can support the work of Love146, but follow that up a deep appreciation for any donation. Direct people towards if they have any other questions.

8:15 pm – 9:00pm:

Continue to serve refreshments. Ask people what they thought about your presentation and make sure people know they can go to the laptop and support right away. Station yourself and a small table near the door to say goodbye to all your guests and ensure they are all leaving with the Love146 information they need.

Make sure you have a laptop in the room with pulled up (if you’re outside the United States, make sure the appropriate website is there for guests). The easier it is for someone to donate, the more likely they are to do it!

Speaking at the Event

The best points of discussion can come from how you’re affected by the issue of child trafficking and exploitation.

You know you care about these children – make sure others do.

Also, statistics can be extremely helpful in conveying the enormity of child trafficking and exploitation but it can also make the issue sound unsolvable. Be sure to encourage your listeners towards hope. Everyone in the room can join the fight to protect the vulnerable and restore survivors of child sex trafficking.

Finally, there’s several stories of restoration on our website at Feel free to use them in your introduction or in personal conversations with guests.

Here’s a sample introduction you can use to kick off your event.

It’s not meant to be memorized and then recited to your audience, but rather as a resource of information about the issue and about Love146 that you can draw from and combine with your own passion for wanting to support the work of abolition and restoration. Please email for more speaker training resources.

Welcome everyone!

I would like to thank you all for coming to our event. Tonight I want to share with you about Love 146 – an organization that is very important to me.

Child. Sex. Trafficking: These three words should never be used in the same sentence, much less be a reality for many of the world’s most vulnerable children. Love146 is a non-profit international humanitarian organization that is dedicated to the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation through prevention and aftercare.

Human trafficking, specifically child trafficking, is the second largest illegal moneymaking industry in the world, second only to drug trafficking. According to UNICEF, there are an estimated 14 million children currently being trafficked worldwide. UNICEF also estimates that every year an additional 1.2 million children are added to that number. That’s two children every minute who must endure an unimaginable fate.

We must join the fight to abolish child sex trafficking. This is modern-day slavery on a scale never before seen in human history.

You may wonder how so many children are trafficked. The tactics of traffickers are varied and creative. Some children are kidnapped, others are promised good jobs in far away cities, and others are sold, sometimes by their own families. Where there is poverty, there is an opportunity for trafficking. Where there is a demand for the exploitation of these children, there is a market to traffickers.

Martin Luther King once wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The injustice of child trafficking is happening everywhere—including the United States. Children are being trafficked into our country every day. They’re sold through our classified ads in local papers and on websites right under our very noses. This isn’t just someone else’s problem. I believe that we must begin to take responsibility for these children and fight with everything we have to restore their childhoods, their lives and their potential.

Love146 works with organizations who rescue these children. But these “rescue organizations” have a huge problem – they know where many children are being exploited, but they cannot recover them because there are no safe aftercare facilities to house them after they’re rescued, nor any trained caregivers to restore and look after them. These children cannot be liberated from bondage only to end up at risk of being re-trafficked and re-exploited. At this very moment, children in brothels around the world could be set free if additional safe homes and trained caregivers existed.

To work toward the abolition of child sex trafficking and exploitation, Love146 supports a diversity of programs – including restoration for survivors of child sexual exploitation, prevention education in U.S. classrooms and training grassroots leaders in caregiving roles all over the world.

This physical, mental and emotional trauma leaves children broken and scarred for life. Protecting the vulnerable and restoring survivors of child trafficking and exploitation is absolutely necessary. This is why Love146 exists.

Follow-Up Checklist

Your ability to follow up with guests is what’s going to make you stand out


Immediately after the event, write down any helpful notes from conversations you had with friends and family so you can reference it later in conversations and thank you cards.

Immediately after the event:

It’s best to deposit the cash and send a check or money order to our office.

  • ▢ Make a copy of your Sign-in Sheet for local use and continue to encourage new Abolitionists to sign up.

  • ▢ Mail all money collected, along with your com- pleted Evaluation Form and Sign-in Sheet, to:

    PO BOX 8266
    NEW HAVEN, CT 06530

At events, people often give in cash, but we don’t recommend sending cash in the mail. It’s best to deposit the cash and send a check or money order in your final envelope of donations.

1 week after the event:

  • ▢ Send out thank you notes to guests

  • ▢ Follow up with guests who indicated they would send donations themselves

  • ▢ Mail any offline donations in to Love146 with names and addresses of donors and signees

Here’s a sample thank you note that you can use after hosting your event:

Dear [first name].

Thank you for your generous donation to Love146.

Your gift enables Love146 to combat child trafficking and exploitation with researched, intentional and effective programs.

My hope is that you will continue to support the work of Love146. For further information on how to stay involved – including volunteering, monthly giving or hosting your own event – make sure to visit

Again, thank you for protecting the vulnerable and restoring survivors of child trafficking and exploitation.

Sincerely, [your name]

Thank you for all that you do!

-The Love146 Team


LET us know how it goes!

Feel free to send us an email or call the number below. Thank you for supporting Love146!

Love146 Contact Information

David Henry
Partnership Coordinator
Phone: 203.772.4420

LOVE146 TAX I.D. # 20-1168284

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