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Monthly givers really are the sustaining foundation of our work. They enable highly qualified professionals to consistently care for children affected by trafficking, everyday. This isn’t a quick fix issue. Over the past 14 years, Love146 has reached tens of thousands of children with prevention programs and is presently serving survivors in 4 locations worldwide. Monthly partners mean we can show up for those affected by child trafficking and exploitation over the long haul.



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We asked our monthly givers,

Why do you give every single month?

  • grumbles“Our family has chosen to partner with Love146 on a monthly basis because we realize that consistent, dedicated support is necessary to help an organization as far reaching as Love146 to stay on top of an escalating epidemic. By committing to regular monthly support, we know that although our own lives may get busy and distracted…our contribution and our impact is steady. In addition to knowing that our contribution is going to those in need, we have witnessed firsthand the wise stewardship of our resources…” -Lauren and Lee Grumbles
  • SpikeJ“I give to Love146 because I know that they will never stop. Despite the fact that they have to get out of bed every morning and look the beast in the eye, they focus on the good. They divide and conquer. They smile and laugh. They find the joy. I have no idea how they do that. But it endears me to them on top of the phenomenal job that they’re already doing. Yes, I give to Love146 to eradicate child sex trafficking. But there are several orgs that are trying to do that. I give to Love146 because of the people doing the eradicating.” -Spike Jones

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Have questions about becoming a Monthly Partner? Email us at or call us at 704.891.1721.

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