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Monthly Partners represent the hopeful action of everyday Abolitionists.

Our monthly partners create the sustaining foundation of our work – enabling us to consistently care for children everyday. Love146 is able to care for children because of people who go beyond an act of generosity and become Abolitionists – people who, time and time again, choose hope over despair.

We’re directly serving more kids than ever before – and when we say serving kids, we mean for the long haul. Monthly partners help us live our value of being an organization that journey’s with children, until they no longer need us.

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Monthly Partners help make our work with children possible – day after day, year after year. Help make sure we’re here for children today and tomorrow.

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You really care about the work Love146 does with children. Why not rally your friends to make an impact? Who knows, maybe they’ll go on to be Monthly Partners too.

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Text “146partner” to 411247 and get updates from the field, special announcements, and celebrate the victories along the way with us. You’ll get information specifically for our Monthly Partners, because you help make it possible.

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