State steps up efforts to end child sex trade

November 17, 2017
Love146 US Survivor Care Program Director Erin Wiliamson talks about working with survivors of trafficking in Connecticut.

Trafficking Does Happen Here

August 14, 2017
New York Public Radio's Susan Arbetter interviewed U.S. Survivor Care Program Director Erin Williamson on how trafficking & exploitation happens in the U.S.

Connecticut prosecutors, judges, advocates work to broaden awareness of sex trafficking

July 17, 2017
Law enforcement, judges, and victim's advocates are working together to help prosecute sex traffickers.

Connecticut DCF, New Haven nonprofit work to educate about domestic sex trafficking of minors

Love146 is partnering with the state of Connecticut's Department of Children and Families to get awareness training into schools. “We would love to be...

Sex trafficking moves to social media to find victims and perpetrators, Connecticut authorities say

June 19, 2017
From recruiting and grooming sex workers to finding customers, the internet is being used in every stage of the sex trafficking game.

Volunteers Work to Combat Human sex Trafficking

June 12, 2017
Love146 volunteer teams do more than spread awareness — they help raise money, hold backpack campaigns to provide backpacks for known victims of sexual...

New England agency targets growing number of sex trafficking cases

May 8, 2017
Love146 U.S. Survivor Care Program Director Erin Williamson talks to Fox25 News about how youth are lured by traffickers and what be done to...

Examining the child trafficking problem in Connecticut

April 7, 2017
“These aren’t kids that are making bad decisions," Erin Williamson, director of the Survivor Care Program at Love146, told WTNH news. “These are kids...

3 Nonprofit Leaders Speak On Their Top Priorities To Eradicate Human Trafficking

February 1, 2017
Forbes talked to Love146 President and Co-founder Rob Morris about progress made in the effort to end child trafficking and exploitation in 2016, and...

Thousands Pay For Prostituted Children In CT Every Year But Nobody Has Been Charged Since 2013

January 24, 2017
State officials say about 2,000 people pay for prostituted children in Connecticut every year, but no one in the state has been charged with...

Hoteliers Take Sex-Trafficking Prevention 101

Hotel staffers received that message delivered Thursday morning at Gateway Community College, where the Connecticut Lodging Association joined forces with the Connecticut Department of...

New Haven forum helps hotel/motel owners learn to spot sex trafficking

Some of the warning signs hotel and motel staff should look out for include pornography rentals in rooms where children are staying, children arriving...

Training to Spot Human Trafficking

The training, which took place at Gateway Community College, was held as part of a state law enacted in October that requires lodgers to...

Lodging workers learn how to spot human trafficking

Lodging industry workers got educated in what they should look for to help stop the exploitation. “At some point [child victims are] either taken...

Michelle Phan Raises $105,000 To Fight Child Trafficking For Nonprofit Love146

December 29, 2016
Michelle Phan, the YouTube beauty vlogger-turned-subscription box entrepreneur, is giving… Read more

Child trafficking victims disappearing from UK care at ‘alarming’ rate

November 14, 2016
“Every week we see children going missing, most within 24 hours of arriving in care, and we know child trafficking victims are largely going...