Former State Department staffer will fight human trafficking

June 23, 2020
The White House has tapped Heather Fischer, a former State… Read more

After Hearst probe, state to combat human trafficking

February 19, 2020
Often, the exchanges involve drugs, rent, food or other forms… Read more

7 Organizations Fighting Human Trafficking & Supporting Survivors

January 15, 2020
Love146 is an international anti-child trafficking organization (based in the… Read more

This Women-owned Local Brewery Supports the Community with Each Beer Purchased

August 5, 2019
From the beginning, Lady Justice founders Betsy Lay, Kate Power… Read more

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving awards $150K grant to support youth survivors of sex trafficking

July 31, 2019
Love 146, an organization that helps support child sex trafficking survivors in Connecticut, has received a three-year, $150,000 grant from the Hartford Foundation for...

Protect Children By Default Campaign Pressures Facebook to Change Default Settings to Protect Children

July 24, 2019
A group that specializes in working with children who’ve been trafficked is calling out Facebook to change its privacy settings to protect vulnerable children. Connecticut-based...

Human trafficking is close to home

April 3, 2019
To learn more about human trafficking, become aware of the… Read more

Saying Something

March 21, 2019
New Haven, Connecticut's Daily Nutmeg interviews Love146 social worker Cynthia Melendez about her experiences working with you who have been affected by trafficking. "Kids...

Human Trafficking in Conn. in Spotlight Following Robert Kraft Arrest

February 25, 2019
Love146's US Programs Director Erin Williamson is interviewed by WTNH News 8 following the charges against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft for soliciting prostitution....

Michelle Phan’s New Lipstick Fights Child Sex Trafficking

February 5, 2019
Michelle Phan has become a dominant figure in the beauty… Read more

Meet Rob Morris, The Leader Who Fights Human Trafficking From The Hallway

January 17, 2019
Last October, we shared on social media this photo of Rob Morris, our President and Co-founder, sitting at his desk in the hallway of...

“Not a Number” Comes to Connecticut School

January 15, 2019
“Not a Number,” a youth human trafficking and exploitation prevention… Read more

Connecticut Lets Sex Traffickers Off the Hook

July 17, 2018
Despite the fact that Connecticut has made significant gains in… Read more

The sick tactics sex traffickers use to find victims

April 19, 2018
The New York Post interviewed US Survivor Care Program Director Erin Williamson about how traffickers groom vulnerable youth.

An Interview with David Henry, US Strategic Partnerships Coordinator for Love146

April 6, 2018
MissionBox co-founder and CEO, Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk talks to David Henry, the US strategic partnerships coordinator for Love146, about the organization’s culture and our mission...

Sen. Blumenthal urges Senate to pass anti-sex trafficking bill

March 12, 2018
WTNH in Connecticut's coverage of a press conference with US Sen. Richard Blumenthal held in our office.