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About Advocacy and Mobilization

Growing the modern day abolition movement and seeing people equipped to truly make a difference has been important to Love146 from its founding days. We believe that grassroots abolitionists are essential to ending trafficking—they can be engaged, equipped and organized to effect change. Through this work of mobilization, we’ve seen thousands come together, advocating for practical and specific changes that will be felt by those affected by trafficking and exploitation in their communities.

We know this kind of change doesn’t come from short-lived enthusiasm, so education is a central component to our action opportunities. For those journeying alongside us, Love146 has an Abolitionist Curriculum that allows individuals and groups to approach learning about the nuances of trafficking, to stand against trafficking, and to fuel the work of Love146. We also connect supporters to ways they can advocate for laws that protect and support vulnerable and exploited children. In addition to equipping individuals, groups we call Love146 Volunteer Teams are central tools of our mobilization and advocacy. Volunteer Teams are passionate volunteers meeting on campuses, in churches, and in cities across the U.S. and the globe to learn more about trafficking and take action together in their local communities.

Though our mobilization efforts, we are seeing people equipped to become high-impact abolitionists and advocates of change. Love146 believes that everyone can play an important role in ending trafficking and exploitation, and we’re connecting our supporters to meaningful opportunities to take action.


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Updates from Advocacy & Mobilization

  • Connecticut Action: Protect the privacy of trafficking victims

    Last week, you came through to help us launch a bill that would guarantee privacy to victims of trafficking in Connecticut. And now we need your help again in the final push to protect the confidentiality of the young survivors we work with, and many more.

  • New York: Advocate for NYS Bill A8650B

    Urge Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign a new bill that would provide training for physicians, nurses, social workers, and other clinical care and security personnel to identify, assess, and provide appropriate treatment or referral for people suspected of being human trafficking victims.

  • Just Kik Me Now

    We opted to go through his apps and messages. Kik was the first one we opened. That’s when we discovered “Laurie Bartlett.” This attractive, 20ish, flirty blond with great taste in underwear had, for some unknown reason, taken an interest in and privately messaged my 12-year old son.

  • Those On the Journey With us

    This month, for the first time, volunteers in New York State connected with a local business to fund local work supporting our in-depth prevention education curriculum, Not a #Number, designed to help keep vulnerable youth safe. `

  • “I Couldn’t Sleep After Reading Your Website”

    A supporter writes: There is something really unique about the way you educate about your cause, something raw and at the same time so loving that attracts me. I don’t know as much about any other organizations to which I donate as I do about you.

  • 3 Ways to Give this Season

    This holiday season, there are a lot of ways that you can support Love146. We have e-cards, printable cards, awesome gift items, and even hanging wall pennants!

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