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About Our Pilot In Africa

We believe trafficking is not inevitable and we can stop trafficking before it happens. Love146 has a prevention curriculum in the United States and has been a part of past prevention efforts in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. In the summer of 2017, Love146 began a pilot program to bring our prevention work to Sub-Saharan Africa with the “My Body is Mine” flip chart.

This tool was originally developed by Love146 and several partners in Asia, where it’s been implemented with thousands of children through collaborations with local organizations. Love146 is now training facilitators to reach children through the “My Body is Mine” flip chart in Liberia and Madagascar. Now in its second year, this pilot (in partnership with other agencies, schools, and community groups) trained 328 adults in Liberia and Madagascar through March of 2019, and has reached over 12,000 children. We hear from facilitators we’ve trained that even though this subject is taboo, they are happy we are talking about it. The flip chart emphasizes four key messages for children: “I am valuable and so are you!,” “Safety is my right,” “My body belongs to me,” and “I can get help.” Keeping these core messages, the flip chart is being adapted for the unique characteristics of each region.

Love146 develops programs where need, relationships, and available funding intersect and present opportunity. Partner organizations on the ground in Liberia and Madagascar are leading the way in bringing “My Body is Mine” to their communities. This three-year pilot will equip facilitators with this tool while assessing whether a permanent Love146 presence will be established with local leadership.

Trafficking in Africa is on the rise. Of all countries ranked by the US State Department as worst in their response to human trafficking, more than 40 percent are located on this continent. In the past decade working in the Philippines, we’ve seen cybersex trafficking of children increase dramatically. This is due to the increased availability of Internet access in the region. Africa has seen the fastest growth rates in populations coming online, with the number of Internet users across the continent increasing by more than 20 percent year-on-year. Law enforcement experts tell us that as more people throughout Africa are going online, child protection must be a priority as well. Love146’s prevention work in Africa is equipping children to spot those trying to exploit them and seek help.

Implementing Partners

While several organizations are implementing our My Body is Mine flipchart, these partners have been critical in training and leading in bringing this program to their regions. 

Orphan Relief & Rescue, Liberia
Growing the Nations Therapy Programmes, Madagascar

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