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About Our Certificate Training Program in Aftercare

The Certificate Training Program in Aftercare (CTPA) has evolved over the years in response to other NGOs in Asia that expressed their need for trained caregivers. Many grassroots caregivers have dedication and cultural understanding, yet often lack the specialized tools needed to address the level of trauma that is encountered by survivors of sex trafficking. This training empowers caregivers with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide children the kind of specialized care that is important to the restoration of survivors. Trainees regularly commented that they were able to return to their shelters and begin using their training immediately, witnessing a substantive difference having been equipped with these new tools. Once trained, these caregivers have the potential to influence thousands of rescued children in the years ahead.

Since 2006, we have conducted the CTPA in a number of Asian countries. Each CTPA takes approximately one week. CTPA sessions either take place in a classroom setting, where workers from different NGOs may be trained at one time, or in a safe home setting, training caregivers from one home exclusively.


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