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About Our Professional Trainings

Over the past five years Love146 has trained over 3,000 professionals, giving them tools to prevent the trafficking of children, as well as identify and support victims.

Professional education is a key element in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation of children. Deficits in awareness and understanding among professionals who work with children contribute to low identification of those who are at high risk, as well as those who are actively being trafficked and exploited in the commercial sex industry. Teachers, social workers, law enforcement officers, and others interact with youth without intervention—often because they do not know what to look for or the right questions to ask—and are not always equipped to respond.

Our training helps equip professionals by navigating the causal factors of human trafficking and exploitation, key vulnerabilities, recruitment tactics, dynamics of power and control, signs of abuse and exploitation, and how to respond to disclosures.

Because Love146’s U.S. Prevention Education efforts support a whole-system response, we train adults to support children who may be at risk or experiencing exploitation. In the U.S. and U.K., Love146 trains local and federal law enforcement, including juvenile probation officers, to identify and respond to threats facing children. Love146’s training in the U.K. adheres to the Professional Capabilities Framework.


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