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About U.K. Survivor Support

For social workers, we offer case-specific supervision, information on best-practices for case management, and professional support for working with trafficked young people. We also support the young person whilst in foster care or other accommodation, ensuring individual planning for their needs (safety, education, health, legal, etc). We also work with foster carers to ensure they’re equipped and supported in providing the best care possible to the young person.

For some young people, safe accommodation is more appropriate than foster placement. So in 2014, Love146 began a pilot safe accommodation programme with highly trained staff, offering 24/7 care for young people trafficked from abroad. Safe accommodation can also act as an emergency placement, in a holistically supportive environment, where assessments and immediate safeguarding can take place.
Our care is not time limited and won’t necessarily end when a young person leaves “the system.” Instead we journey with survivors of trafficking for as long as it takes. Understanding their needs and risks, we continue to support them, empowering them as they gain stability and independence. This care is voluntary on the part of the survivor: it’s their choice. When they have the resilience to respond to the challenges of adolescence and to navigate successfully in adulthood they will no longer need regular support. If they reject or don’t prefer contact from Love146 at any time in their journey, they know that they can call us again for support. We don’t close a case, and the survivors we work with know we’re committed to supporting their journey of freedom, whatever that looks like for them.

Love146 can offer the following expert service provision:

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For further information, please contact:

Lynne Chitty – Love146 UK Care Director
E: lynne@love146.org.uk
M (UK): 07763 357 123

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Lao Tsu

Here is the story of the incredible effort that brought this care to exist for trafficked children in the UK…


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Updates from U.K. Survivor Care

  • Bao’s Story: When trafficked persons are used in criminal enterprise, the victims can get blamed

    When will our society learn that victims are NOT criminals?

  • All is calm? All is bright?

    For a lot of us, the holiday season has its challenges. It reminds us how things “ought to be,” and we may find ourselves wishing our lives and families looked more like the happy, healthy ones we see in movies and Christmas cards. This is true for many children in Love146’s global survivor care programs. We’re determined to do whatever it takes to help them feel important and loved during the holidays!

  • Listen: It’s UK Anti-Slavery Day

    Listen to Love146’s UK Chief Executive, Tania Bright, as she shares more about the significance of this day for our work combatting modern day child slavery in the UK, and abroad.


    For years, Lanh didn’t have a way to talk about the violence she had been through — that is, until the day a child she barely knew helped her find the words she needed.


    Five myths about trafficking in the UK. The bottom line: They’re children, they’re here, and we have to safeguard them.

  • Making Home Happen in the U.K.

    At Love146, we know home is a big deal. And since our U.K. Survivor Support doesn’t currently offer residential services, we find other ways to make home happen.

  • Our Journey With Tuyen

    Tuyen was trafficked into the UK, exploited as a domestic slave, forced to work in a nail bar, and then then forced into sexual exploitation. As was the case with Tuyen, Love146 supports young people in foster placements, being present with them when they speak with the police, and assisting them through the court process. We’re there for as long as they need us, whatever it takes.

  • Food, Stories, Laughter and Dreams…

    Sharing a meal together creates a sense of community and fellowship — and emphasizes to the young people we partner with that they are not journeying alone.

  • “But you… you cared.”

    Lynne Chitty, our UK Care Director, met Quyen when she was 16. She arrived from France, where she had been trafficked and sexually exploited…

  • Welcome to Manchester Airport: Traffickers Not Welcome

    Anti-trafficking training and awareness is starting to show results.

  • I Thought it Only Happened in Movies

    Jo Nicholson, Love146’s Development Manager in the UK, shares about her journey of discovering the reality of child trafficking.

  • He came running

    The boy came running into the house, breathing so hard he was…

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