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About U.K. Survivor Support

For social workers, we offer case-specific supervision, information on best-practices for case management, and professional support for working with trafficked young people. We also support the young person whilst in foster care or other accommodation, ensuring individual planning for their needs (safety, education, health, legal, etc). We also work with foster carers to ensure they’re equipped and supported in providing the best care possible to the young person.

For some young people, safe accommodation is more appropriate than foster placement. So in 2014, Love146 began a pilot safe accommodation programme with highly trained staff, offering 24/7 care for young people trafficked from abroad. Safe accommodation can also act as an emergency placement, in a holistically supportive environment, where assessments and immediate safeguarding can take place.
Our care is not time limited and won’t necessarily end when a young person leaves “the system.” Instead we journey with survivors of trafficking for as long as it takes. Understanding their needs and risks, we continue to support them, empowering them as they gain stability and independence. This care is voluntary on the part of the survivor: it’s their choice. When they have the resilience to respond to the challenges of adolescence and to navigate successfully in adulthood they will no longer need regular support. If they reject or don’t prefer contact from Love146 at any time in their journey, they know that they can call us again for support. We don’t close a case, and the survivors we work with know we’re committed to supporting their journey of freedom, whatever that looks like for them.

Love146 can offer the following expert service provision:

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For further information, please contact:

Lynne Chitty – Love146 UK Care Director
E: lynne@love146.org.uk
M (UK): 07763 357 123

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Updates from U.K. Survivor Care

  • Allies in Our Mission

    Thank you for your commitment to children, Brenda!

  • Izzy Runs for Children

    Friend of Love146, Izzy Archer, completed a double marathon raising £2,250 for…

  • You Can’t Stay Here.

    A few weeks ago, a young person named Moon* turned 18 in…

  • I Would Use That Word… Hope

    Minh was brought to the UK with promises of a better life,…

  • A Day in the Life of a Love146 Social Worker – Part 1

    No time for breakfast. Meet a new youth coming into our care. Go over safety planning. On to next appointment. Grab a salad. Meet with another youth who was the victim of a traumatic assault. Try not to cry. Remind myself that with the right support we know they can have wonderful lives.

  • Seeing the full picture: The right training can change everything

    A recent report from from the UK has everyone talking. On the surface, the news is disheartening. The number of British national children referred through the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) has gone up by an astonishing 66 percent since 2016. In fact, the new numbers don’t point to an actual surge, but a noticeable change in practice of frontline staff who have received better NRM training and are now able to identify these children.

  • The Gift of Home

    In the UK more than a third of all trafficking victims are children. Many were brought here with false promises, threats, and abuse. Because it’s not an easily visible crime, it’s a bit hard to believe — that such a progressive and generous nation could still hold so many children in modern slavery. But it’s true. These young people are all around us: working in your local nail bar, at the carwash on the corner, as domestic servants, or forced to grow and sell drugs. The truth is, if they are invisible, it is because we have not taken the trouble to see them.

  • Conquering Rain, Potholes & Mountains for Children

    A group of four ambitious bike riders traversed the French countryside on a fundraising tour for Love146. Their grit and determination reminds us that childhood is not the only time to which these kinds of adventures should be confined, inspiring us to dust off our bikes and relive our childhoods so that trafficked children may yet have an opportunity to live theirs.

  • Reaching New Heights: Our Growing UK Team

    This is both a challenging and exciting time for the Love146 UK team. More children than ever need the support we offer, and we have just taken steps towards serving more young people with the addition of several new team members. Growing our capacity is one of the practical ways that we offer young people the very best that we can.

  • Bao’s Story: When trafficked persons are used in criminal enterprise, the victims can get blamed

    When will our society learn that victims are NOT criminals?

  • All is calm? All is bright?

    For a lot of us, the holiday season has its challenges. It reminds us how things “ought to be,” and we may find ourselves wishing our lives and families looked more like the happy, healthy ones we see in movies and Christmas cards. This is true for many children in Love146’s global survivor care programs. We’re determined to do whatever it takes to help them feel important and loved during the holidays!

  • Listen: It’s UK Anti-Slavery Day

    Listen to Love146’s UK Chief Executive, Tania Bright, as she shares more about the significance of this day for our work combatting modern day child slavery in the UK, and abroad.

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