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Starting in Connecticut in 2010, Love146 Prevention Education program was designed to equip students to understand the realities of human trafficking, better protect themselves and their peers from risk, and get help. Love146 opened an office in Texas in 2013 to begin offering prevention education to thousands more children in the Houston area.

In order to reach a wider and broader audience, in 2014 Love146 created Not a #Number, an interactive five-lesson human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) prevention curriculum that supports a nuanced approach to reach diverse populations of at-risk youth. This program continues to teach youth how to recognize recruitment tactics, understand vulnerabilities, and develop skills to safely navigate potential and existing exploitative situations. Youth also identify healthy support systems, and learn how to access community resources when situations occur that increase their vulnerability or if exploitation is already underway. The curriculum materials also include information and ideas on how to use Not a #Number from the perspective of a whole school or whole system response and find ways to integrate it in the context of other prevention efforts being done to improve school climate.


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Updates from U.S. Prevention Education

  • The 411 of Trafficking Prevention

    January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month and we want to share what our prevention strategy is all about.

  • Sextortion in Schools: Advice for Educators

    Students are growing up in a world of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat — these are today’s gathering places. The space where youth engage in the normal adolescent behavior of exploring and testing their boundaries. As a preventative measure, we want to teach kids how to safely navigate the Internet, how to recognize when something may be getting out of control, and how to access help when needed.

  • A new currency for teens – a powerful tool for traffickers.

    Kik’s new virtual money increases risk for teenagers online.

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