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After years of supporting and expanding existing safe homes and providing direct care to dozens of girls journeying through recovery, we began working to reach street children who were at an incredibly high risk of being sexually exploited or who had already been trafficked.

We opened a feeding shelter in a community where we quickly learned slavery was thriving. Pedophiles were coming in day after day and renting children from impoverished and homeless parents. Through this effort, Love146 began caring for girls who were later admitted to our Round Home. But boys also started to walk through our doors, asking for care. We knew we had to respond. We opened the White Home, being prepared through our years of work caring for survivors and our wealth of research about the sexual exploitation of boys.

Since opening its doors, the Love146 White Home has cared for exploited boys, providing them with holistic therapy, food, tuition, and medications, all to help them walk toward recovery and prevent any commercial sexual exploitation in the future.


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Updates from The White Home

  • Beyond Resilience

    Resilience generally means the ability to bounce back or recover from trauma or difficulties. In the physical sense, resilience is the ability of a material to resume its shape, after being deformed. For the children in our care at the Love146 safe homes in the Philippines, resilience means more than that.

  • Can we just take a minute to celebrate the cutest tiny friendship ever?

    These two little ones have a lot in common. They’re both from the same region. Peter is four, and Yamile turned four last summer. They both came to into our Survivor Car around the same time, at the age of two. Today, in 2017, they’re practically joined at the hip. They walk to school together with a Love146 staff member every morning and sometimes go swimming together in the afternoons in the pool at the White Home.

  • Who are these children? They are scholars.

    Whenever we were with the children in public places, people would ask, “Who are all these children? Are they siblings?” I would say, they are cousins or they are playmates, or just ignored the question. Now I have determined that Love146 children will be called “scholars” instead of “clients” as they would be called in all the other safe homes or shelters in the Philippines. The children’s eyes lit up when they heard the word “scholar.” And as I explained why “scholar” is an appropriate term for them, I thought I saw great self-worth dawning upon their faces.

  • Five stages of getting excited for the future

    When you’re in the middle of grief and anger, it’s hard to see yourself as a creative participant in your own bright future. But we believe this is possible. So do a lot of kids in Love146’s survivor care — and they have powerful things to teach us about the beauty of what is to come for each one of us.

  • To Hazel, on Your Thirteenth Birthday

    Thirteenth birthdays are a big deal. And today, we want to celebrate a very special one. It taught us all something about generosity and the power of one person, no matter how young, to change the world.

  • 15 things friends are for: a reminder from the littlest kids in our safe homes

    Whether we’re 7 or 70, we owe a lot of thanks to the people in our lives who remind us to be goofy, to be brave, and to be ourselves. Check out these pictures of the youngest children in our safehomes being good friends to each other. We promise: It’ll make your day!

  • “Our lives will be a beautiful puzzle.”

    The children in the Love146 safe homes recently took a field trip…

  • A Child’s First Silent Night

    Does the moment described in “Silent Night” have anything to offer to people who are suffering? What difference does one calm, loving scene make in this world where so few know peace?

  • All is calm? All is bright?

    For a lot of us, the holiday season has its challenges. It reminds us how things “ought to be,” and we may find ourselves wishing our lives and families looked more like the happy, healthy ones we see in movies and Christmas cards. This is true for many children in Love146’s global survivor care programs. We’re determined to do whatever it takes to help them feel important and loved during the holidays!

  • 1 minute videos that will change your day…

    The children in our care are not voiceless. Translated from their language, tagalog, the words in these videos below are directly from the boys and girls in our care in the Philippines. There is no silver lining to being trafficked or exploited, but there is a shining resilience in humanity that refuses to be extinguished.

  • We lit our candle from hers.

    Some days it feels foolish to believe like this, to tend our defiant hope against so much darkness. But this holiday season, inspired by children, we’re determined to keep our candles burning longer and brighter. As one child in our survivor care has said, “When we are given light, we should give that light to others.”

  • “We should treat ourselves as princes and princesses instead of slaves.”

    For children whose needs and agency have not been respected, self-care helps them learn how strong and important they are. “Before, other people controlled my life. Now, I have control over myself,” says Cate. And that transformation can start with things as simple as brushing their teeth, taking their vitamins, or washing their hands before they eat.

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