Lawrence Dela Cruz

Lawrence was born in the Philippines and moved to the States when he was 11. Spending a large chunk of his childhood in the Philippines, the issue of human trafficking is anything but unfamiliar to him. Constant reminders and lectures of the dangers of stepping foot outside alone are a part of his childhood. As a result, his family made it a point that the children never ventured beyond the walls of their home unaccompanied to play, except at school.

Since then, he’s lived in Glendale; a city in the Los Angeles county most notably known for being smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles and Pasadena. In college he received his B.S. in Health Science – Community Health Education degree from California State University Long Beach. In the fall of 2022, he plans to pursue a Masters in Global Public Health at Emory University. Since he was a child, it has been his goal to make a lasting positive impact in the world and ensure that he leaves it better than he found it.

When not thinking about his lofty aspirations, Lawrence likes to play/watch sports, watch movies/tv, travel, read, and eat.