Lucia Manzo

Lucia is a first generation Mexican-American, born and raised in Southern California. She enrolled in the business program at California State University Long Beach, but in search of a better quality of life for her children, she placed her higher education on hold. She resumed her education at the University of Arizona where she earned a B.S. in Commerce.

While completing her coursework at the University of Arizona, she worked for a local school district in the Structured English Immersion program. She had the opportunity to help first generation students, such as herself, obtain the necessary support from the school system to become educationally successful. Passionate about positively impacting children’s lives, directly or indirectly, Lucia has remained in the nonprofit sector. Again, in search for a better quality of life for her family, she and her family relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2019.

Lucia is a foodie and enjoys traveling with her family, reading, and enjoying the sun, preferably at the beach.