Thomas Dutcher

Tom is a Nutmegger who has returned to Connecticut after honing their passion for harm prevention work in Central Asia and Western Europe.

They completed a B.S. in Criminal Justice before joining Americorps and subsequently the United States Peace Corps where they lived and worked as a community health specialist in the Dundgovi Province of Mongolia. Their time in the Peace Corps was largely spent working on life skills and community health projects with youth, including the creation of a provincial soccer league. After the Peace Corps they obtained their M.A. in International Migration from the University of Kent Brussels School of International Studies.

Prior to joining Love146, Tom was an adjunct professor and research assistant in New Haven, focusing his capacities on critical victimology and the symbiotic harms of incarceration. They are excited to take on the role of Prevention Advisory Specialist & Navigator, where they will continue to work from a position of empathy and empowering existing structures of resilience.

In their free time Tom enjoys photography, going to double feature midnight movie screenings at the Strand Theater, baking, and checking out the Connecticut DIY music scene.