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IS ABOUT PUTTING the active back in activism

It’s Simple:

Anyone, anywhere can do anything. Treaders ask friends and family to sponsor them during some sort of physical activity. Whether it’s biking to work every day, running a marathon with friends, or hosting a 5k event in your neighborhood,

you can use athletics as a way to support Love146 & protect children

Let’s Get Treading

We’ve got everything to get you running.

Get Started

Whether you’re joining up with an existing event (like a marathon) or wanting to do something on your own (riding your bike every day) your first step is to create your Personal Fundraising Page.

Create Your Page

Get Sponsors

Make phone calls, send emails, use social media — whatever you need to do to spread the word. Send friends and family to your Personal Fundraising Page and it’ll be easy for them to see what you’re doing and how to donate.

Get Treading

With every step you’ll be contributing towards the protection and restoration of children. And encourage others to join you! It’s never too late to start fighting injustice.

Get Together

Treading as a group? Once you’ve created your Personal Fundraising Page, you’ll see a button on the right sidebar that says “Create Team”. Get your team started, have friends create their own Personal Fundraising Pages, and then send them the link to your team. They’ll be able to easily join and now all your fundraising will be totalled together.

Approaching Sponsors


When you join Tread on Trafficking, you’ll be given tools to email friends and family.

Go to your Personal Fundraising Page, click on the Email button in the top bar (it’s in the same row as the Facebook, Twitter, and Embed buttons) and you’ll be taken to a page where you can easily send emails.

1. Include what you need to, leave out what you don’t

Assume the person has no idea about Love146, Tread on Trafficking or child trafficking.

2. Send Emails individually

Tweak each email so the one sent to Uncle Bill begins with “Hey, Uncle Bill! Long time no see!” and the one to Aunt Donna says “Aunt Donna! So good seeing you at the cookout!” Personalization can be the difference between support and the Spam Folder.

3. Pull out your cell

Making phone calls is necessary and shows friends and family you’re serious about being a part of ending child trafficking and exploitation! Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings (between 5-7pm) tend to be the best times to reach people at home. Start with people you think would definitely want to donate and then go down the list.

4. Don’t be afraid of new people

If you’re calling someone you don’t know as well, introduce yourself and make a comment that refers to how you know them. (“Hi, this is Jason Hall, Hugh and Gale’s son.”)

5. Be upfront and honest

Friends and family are called loved ones for a reason. Be honest with them about why you’re calling. They’ll appreciate it.

6. Say Thank You

The Email function in your Personal Fundraising Page includes an example of how to thank donors. Make sure they know they’re appreciated. (And be sure to send an update or two during treading!)

Share the Journey


As you tread, tag your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts with @Love146 and #TreadOnTrafficking

Check out the hashtag #TreadOnTrafficing to connect with others and encourage them on their own journeys! Remember to keep it interesting – post photos and videos of your treading activity and goals. On Facebook and Twitter, make sure to include a link to your fundraising page so folks can give.

Inspire other treaders and share your TOT story

Tell Your Story



Host an Event


If you’re ready to take it to the next level and put together an event in your community, start by focusing on what gets you and your community of friends motivated.

If you are passionate about cycling and want to support Love146, host a bike-a-thon. If you are passionate about surfing, host a surf-a-thon. The best events will be the ones that include the things you already love.

Also, think about when and where your athletic event should take place. Decide on a location, date and a time and research it. Keep in mind to check community calendars so that you’re not scheduling against another major local event.

Gathering A Team

It’s important to get a planning team together to help. It’s also important that your team trusts one another to get the work done.

Your Event Team

Often when it comes to events, a few people hold things a little too tightly. They don’t use the other folks on the team to help carry the load, causing them to be burned out in the early stages of planning.

Remember to include as many experts as possible. While enthusiastic people are capable of doing lots of different tasks, it’s best if you can create your team with their own natural gifts and abilities.

For example, if you’re not a runner, chances are you wont have the first clue about how to plan a 5k, but that’s no reason not to do it. It is a good reason, however, to find some runners who want to help you!

Thus, if you want to build an event in your area, and perhaps you aren’t an athlete, your first step is to include athletically minded individuals willing to lend their expertise to the cause.

Here are other areas of expertise and roles to consider as you form your core team:

  • Web & Social Media Communications
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Event Day Logistics

Event Landing Page

Once you’ve created a planning team and scheduled your event, it’s time to open registration. Create an Event Landing Page in less than two minutes here. Fill out all the info, set registration prices, and invite away!

Create your event page


Next, you’ll want to determine how money raised at your event will support the expenses and eventually get to Love146. It’s important to note that Love146 does not cover overhead costs and expenses for events. There are three possible sources of revenue for your event: Participant Registrations, Individual Participant Fundraising, and Corporate Sponsorships.

Corporate Sponsors

For events, corporate sponsors are incredibly important. They’ll help offset your expenses, offer in-kind gifts for prizes, and give your event legitimacy throughout the community. Here are some possible examples of costs. Often these costs will require payment, or partial payment, up front.

  • Participant giveaways
  • Food and drinks
  • T-shirts
  • Prizes
  • Facility Rental
  • Event supplies (signs, table and chair rental, volunteer supplies)
  • Web-hosting fees
  • Printing and signage

Promote Your Event


The key to an event is getting people to participate. Here’s the best ways to get people there and active:

Person-to-person promotion

The most powerful tool you have is your team. Who are the friends, family and communities your team is connected to? If each person on a 10-person team recruited 10 participants, you’d start your event with 100 people! When it comes to person-to-person promotion use social media and email, personal phone calls, and handwritten invitations — all pointing back to your Event Landing Page.

Group Promotion

Target different groups that would be interested in your event. For example, if you’re hosting a biking event, local cycling and triathlon clubs are a great place to start. They’re also a great place to look at calendars to see if anything is happening that will conflict with your date. Often groups like that will allow an announcement or a spot on their calendar for free.

Churches, schools and college campuses are a great place to promote. Create posters and brochures and give them as many promotional materials as you can. You can also create a PowerPoint slide that can be used for announcements. Make it easy for your group promoters by giving them as many tools as you can.

promoting using love146

Love146 will promote your event! We have a large database of people committed to abolition and ready to participate in events that support our work. Love146 can promote regionally through mass emails and have found that people came from hundreds of miles away to participate. Let us brainstorm with you to come up with a plan and schedule to appeal to potential participants. Make sure you email and get us involved!


Advertising is one of those things you can spend a lot of money on and not get much in the way of results. We would discourage you from using traditional venues (like newspaper or radio) unless you can get it for free.

Print and online publications targeted at your desired enthusiasts are a great way to go. Most areas have a free publication for local sports where bike rides, races, triathlons and other similar events are promoted and reported on. These publications are very inexpensive to work with and serious enthusiasts pick them up regularly. Free calendars located here are well worth your time.


Regardless of how you end up promoting, don’t be surprised if more than half your participants register within two weeks of the ride. People wait until the last minute, so don’t panic. Most of the events supporters host for us have a surge of participation and support at the very end, so don’t be discouraged.

facebook & twitter

Facebook and Twitter offer the ability to post updates and pictures as well as invite new people to your event, so try and incorporate some of these things when using social media to spread the word about your treading.

1. @love146

You’re a part of the movement and we want to know about it. Make sure to tag @Love146 in all your social media posts about your event.

2. A picture (or video)

The old saying is true – pictures (and videos!) are worth a thousand words, allowing you to convey info more quickly and engage people more effectively. Grab the attention of friends and family and get more people to your Love146 event with a picture.

3. Event time, date, location

Let your friends know what your event is all about. Give time, date and provide a link from Google Maps.

4. A link to event’s webpage

If you’ve made a website for your event, or if information is available somewhere else, link to it!

5. #HashtagForMyEvent

Using a custom hashtag creates a community around your event.

No matter how you use email and social media, remember – the most important thing is to actually use them. Be creative and have fun!

Event Logistics


The last month of planning for the event will largely be focused on logistical matters and it would be good to have a team member who is organized and detailed that can lead through the planning of final event details.


Some examples of logistical matters to be addressed during the last month of planning will be varied but might include:
  • A communication strategy at the event to facilitate communication between all participants, volunteers, and other key individuals in the event of an emergency
  • A developed rider and volunteer registration process that facilitates the check-in and check-out process
  • Medical waivers for all participants and volunteers should be included in the registration materials
  • The night before the ride will require staging the majority of set-up, and will include delivery of rental equipment, organization of participant gift packages, tables, chairs, food, drinks, etc…
Make your event fun and festive. Love146 deals in a very dark issue, but we try to approach everything we do in a hopeful way! Here are some other ways to add to a festive environment for your event.
  • Colorful, captivating signage and décor that raises awareness about Love146 — this can be done at the start and finish areas and the rest stop locations as well
  • Event registration tents
  • Sponsor tables and areas
  • Audio system for event announcements and music
  • Event giveaways (t-shirts, bottles, numbers, flyers, etc…)
  • Prizes for top fundraisers
  • Food! Maybe coffee and bagels for the morning as people arrive and a bar-b-q lunch in the afternoon as the event is going on


Be careful to have enough volunteers for the day of your event. A good rule of thumb is one volunteer for every five participants.

Volunteers are the engine of your event – helping it run smoothly and efficiently. One team member should be responsible for the oversight of coordinating all volunteers. Responsibility will include assisting the recruitment of volunteers and all communication.

Here’s some things volunteers will be responsible for:

  • Pre-Event Organization
  • On-Site Registration
  • Event Set-Up
  • Food & Water Stations
  • Event Clean Up
  • Medical & First Aid

We recommend establishing a Volunteer “Captain” for each volunteer category in advance of the event. Volunteer Captains can then lead the effort of volunteer recruitment for their task and assist in communication as the event draws nearer.

Approximately one week before the event, the team member overseeing volunteers should meet with all Volunteer Captains to cover day-of event timetable and logistics. On the morning of your event, each Volunteer Captain should meet with their volunteer teams to relay important information.

Be sure to take good care of your volunteers. You may want to give them the same gifts and goodies you are giving participants – and make sure you provide free food and drink.

Thank volunteers after the event and seek their feedback for improvements in the next year’s event.

Let us help!

We have walked with a number of groups through the planning of an individual athletic event like a bike ride, 5k run or walk-a-thon. We want to help you! We can also connect you with those who have gone before you who can share their success and mistakes.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email or call the number below.

David Henry

Partnership Coordinator
Phone: 203.772.4420

“what we need is love without getting tired”

-Mother Teresa


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