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Trek Update: Nuremberg, Germany

Europe Operations Director

Europe in some ways is like driving through American states; road trips are no big thing, the exception here being that each state or country has a language and culture all of its own determined by how much the place’s people have been shaped by either consumerism or communism.

We had anticipated an uneventful sleepover in Nuremberg in the east of Germany having driven nearly 700 miles from the UK, through France, Belgium, Holland and the bulk of Germany. Instead, having found our cheap hotel for the night, we wandered into town, turned right and found ourselves in the heart of the red light district.  We try to avoid attention but on this bitterly cold night and empty streets, we ‘are’ the attention, girls of all ages hang from open windows pleading for our attention, from much older ladies in ill fitting wigs, to much younger girls, including one in particular in scholarly glasses seemed starkly younger that the others, of school age. Neither myself or Steve have ever seen glossy council posters advertising the brothel streets and their strict codes, even in this confused moral maze, the Germans still seem to find order.

In December 2001, Germany legalized pimping and prostitution, and officially stated that prostitution is no longer to be seen as immoral. The estimated turnover from bars, clubs, and brothels connected to prostitution is $4.5 billion per year. There are an estimated 400,000 women in prostitution in Germany.



Entry to the red light district in Nuremberg, Germany


Daylight in the red light district of Nurember. No girls shouting from windows in the daylight hours, but still sat in the windows 24/7. Every floor, every room.


Official city council stickers advertising the location of the brothels in Nuremberg


Next we head for Prague in the Czech Republic…

To learn more about the Anti Trafficking Trek and support the efforts of Love146 European Prevention, click here.

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5 responses to “Trek Update: Nuremberg, Germany”

  1. Crown of Life says:

    I have such a passion for young women and girls to be free from satan’s lies and persecution in this area. It makes my heart ache to hear reports like this. Time to step up prayer efforts; and financial support. My company has launched a campaign to support several ministries, yours being one, who are on the front lines in this area. We’re called crownoflifemedia and the human trafficking division is called The One (taken from the story of little 146 and a quote from IJM’s Gary Haugen). You can look for the first donation next week. Love you guys, be blessed!

  2. Anonymous says:

    These things, that happen in the world, to me – are truly unfathomable. It disgusts me, and devastates me on so many different levels. What you, and so many others do on a daily basis to try and save the lives of these poor souls is extremely amazing, and I have the utmost respect for those who are willing to do anything to create peace. I have donated numerous times to help in aiding in the fight to stop child trafficking, as well as other causes that I feel very strongly about. Every life is precious. I hope to one day be able to make as big of a difference as I can before my time is up.

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