Latest Updates

Izzy Runs for Children

June 27, 2019
Friend of Love146, Izzy Archer, completed a double marathon raising… Read more

Let’s Talk About Race and Human Trafficking

June 4, 2019
"My dark-skinned friends and I were sold for less. These aren’t just ideas about relative worth in society or perceived racial disparities – these...

May Updates

May 30, 2019
It happens to boys, too. Fight for a world where anyone, regardless of gender, can ask for help without stigma ... and other news and...

April Updates

April 9, 2019
What does it mean when we point out that a victim is "someone's daughter"? — the latest news and insights from the field.

“I hope he rots in jail … He will never do to other children what he did to us.”

March 27, 2019
Perpetrators we all read about in the headlines have hurt children now in our care. When I read these headlines, I always ask...

Facebook’s “Privacy-Focused” Future Won’t Do Enough to Protect Children

March 7, 2019
Facebook has a long history of taking a vocal and ardent stance against child sexual exploitation, yet it continues to be one of the...

You Can’t Stay Here.

A few weeks ago, a young person named Moon* turned… Read more

Will Robert Kraft’s arrest send a powerful message? We’ll see.

February 22, 2019
Earlier this year, police say New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft was filmed receiving sexual services at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in...

February Updates

February 21, 2019
A few months ago, I used a sick day for… Read more

The lunch table, burnout, and “team-building” — my time with an organizational culture done differently

February 12, 2019
On my first day at work at Love146 a colleague… Read more

Listening isn’t easy. “The stuff that my teen finds interesting is soooo borrrring” – Perspectives & Advice from fellow parents.

January 30, 2019
In the trenches of parenting, there aren’t always right answers — but there are strategies & wisdom tested by the day-to-day tangle of family life....


November 16, 2018
When to-do lists and busyness take over my time at… Read more

I Would Use That Word… Hope

October 17, 2018
Minh was brought to the UK with promises of a… Read more

October Updates

October 16, 2018
How do we measure success? — and other quick updates about how we’re continuing to fight child trafficking...

My Body is Mine: Perspective from one Malagasy teammate

October 4, 2018
A member of the Love146 team in Africa reflects on presenting our "My Body is Mine" flip chart: "The children in Madagascar need to...

Ethnically Appropriate Shampoo

September 21, 2018
A report from a Love146 social worker: Survivors of child trafficking live in lots of different settings, and I go where they go. One...