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How do we end child trafficking and exploitation in our cities? We empower our communities to know what it looks like, and what to do about it. Community Empowerment Initiatives are targeted at training the "eyes and ears" of a city so that child trafficking and exploitation can no longer happen undetected. By equipping those who may cross paths with a victim of trafficking, we create opportunities for intervention and prevention.

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Community Empowerment Roadmap


Meaningful action is rooted in understanding. Since Community Empowerment Initiatives involve speaking to others about human trafficking and representing Love146, we ask that all Volunteer Teams to first complete the Abolitionist Curriculum.


Gather others who can join you, and meet to work out the logistical plans.


Who are the people in your key members in your community who can help recognize and respond to trafficking victims? Take time to think about the types of places where human trafficking may occur, such as a hotel or truck stop, or places trafficking victims may be present, such as a free health clinic.


It’s time to put your plans into motion! Go out into your community and connect people to the information they need to effectively recognize and appropriately respond to human trafficking when they see it.

Volunteer Team Outreach Initiatives

  • Hospitality Outreach

    Traffickers market trafficking victims on the Internet and often use hotels and motels as a venue for exploitation. Hotels and motels can be used as a home base for traffickers to post online ads for “in-calls,” using the hotel room as the meeting place for the trafficked minor and the buyer of sex. Hotel/motel employees have the potential to be key stakeholders in the fight against trafficking: for example, a hotel housekeeper may see an excessive amount of cash in a room or notice that there is a constant flow of new people coming in and out of the room, and make a call to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

    View Hotels Visited by Volunteer Teams

  • Truck Stop Outreach

    Truck stops, state-operated rest areas, and welcome centers can often be sites where trafficking and exploitation are present. These locations are often insulated from local communities, making them convenient places for transient customers to purchase sex with minimal concerns of detection. Geographic isolation also makes it difficult for victims to leave their situations while allowing traffickers the ability to quickly and frequently move victims without interference or undue attention.

    View Truck Stops Visited by Volunteer Teams

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