Our Survivor Care and Prevention Education programs are about directly reaching children who may be affected by trafficking. But many more people in a community can play a role in helping stop child trafficking and exploitation. Stakeholders are needed in every community in order to ensure we’re building a safer world for children. Love146 strives to set a big table in order to foster both collaborations and the collective will to end child trafficking.



Businesses and foundations have strategically partnered with Love146 to underwrite our programs and operationalize our model. We connect like-minded organizations to collectively undertake this work. Cooperatively, we train staff to be alert to red flags of human trafficking and to raise awareness in their local communities. We mobilize partners through Giving Campaigns that engage employees in ending child trafficking.

Legislators and Policy Makers

Leaders and specialists at Love146 participate on numerous national and local task forces, sharing the lessons we have learned through our prevention education and survivor care services. We also partner with colleagues throughout the government in order to advocate for youth in our care and promote systems change.


In addition to providing resources for professionals working with youth, Love146 delivers in-depth trainings for a diverse community of service providers, including aftercare workers, educators, and other youth-serving professionals. Additionally, schools, child welfare and juvenile justice agencies, and other youth-serving organizations are eligible for licensing with our Not a Number prevention curriculum. 


Parents and caregivers are at the front lines of caring for children and keeping them safe. Our Prevention, Survivor Care, and Community Activism efforts each engage parents and caregivers to equip them to provide the best support to children in their care.


In addition to sitting on the Twitter Trust and Safety Council, Love146 has collaborated with the City of Houston and others to distribute online safety materials to youth and their caregivers. Our online safety resources are accessed by thousands.


Ending child trafficking and exploitation cannot be done by one group alone. We are effective because we specialize and partner with others. To see just a few of the many organizations and agencies Love146 is collaborating with, click below.

The movement of people who agree that no child should be trafficked encompasses a broad-base of diverse stakeholders and supporters – people who disagree about a myriad of issues, but who share our vision of the end of child trafficking.