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can prevent children from being trafficked.

Your donation prevents child trafficking and cares for survivors.

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In the words of one teenager in our survivor care, “Even in small things – in whatever we can — we should show our love for others. To me, real love means not only helping family but also helping others you don’t know when you’re aware they might also really need help. Like me before, Love146 didn’t know me, but they helped me.”

Your gift today will help more protect more children. For over 20 years, Love146 has been a credible force advocating for the prevention of child trafficking and providing holistic support to survivors.

what do your donations do?

When you give, you are...

Provide a child recovering from trafficking with holistic care, journeying alongside them for as long as it takes.

Break cycles and protect the next generation by resourcing parents and caregivers, including survivors who are becoming parents.

Help a victim to seek justice against their traffickers.

Respond to a child who may be in danger by going to meet with them, listen to them, give them resources, and help them understand if they've been victimized.

Meet a young person’s practical needs of food, healthcare, and education as they heal.

Support a survivor to access and succeed in higher education and employment.

Prevent trafficking by helping a child understand vulnerability, spot the signs of trafficking, identify healthy support systems, and learn skills they need to stay safe.

Equip a professional with an up-to-date and research-based child trafficking prevention curriculum, bringing it to youth in schools, juvenile justice and child welfare agencies, and other community settings.