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Wisdom From Children

The children we work with have

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We asked some of these youth what they would say to someone who has experienced trafficking and exploitation.

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Mimi, Age 13

“Kid, don’t lose hope – you can do it. Don’t be afraid to trust and to love again because not all people are bad. I also want to tell you that you don’t have to blame yourself because you never committed a mistake and there’s nothing wrong about you. Your life is valuable.”

Jasmine, Age 9

“There is hope. You must not lose hope because there are angels who will come into your life and will take away your hardships. Even if there are people who continue to harm children, a greater number of people still can love children like us.”

Sonya, Age 10

“You can meet people who are willing to love and understand you without asking for any money or things in return. Be strong and don’t lose hope because you’ll find the right path.”

Marcos, Age 19

“We know the things that happened to us are neither our choice nor our intention. We also know our own desire to change our lives, so if you are like me, the only thing we have to do is not to lose hope. And if you are in a shelter, be resilient. As I have become strong and kind, I have been able to achieve my aspirations in life. Little by little, we will succeed in life.”

Raul, Age 9

“I understand because I have been through the same hardships you’re facing right now. I also understand there are times you feel hopeless because it’s not easy to continue living when you’ve been hurt. I trust you can overcome all the challenges you face.”

Mae, Age 13

“If there’s anger and sadness in your heart, it’s okay to cry or just let it out by singing. Pray in all your difficulties because God listens. Be strong, brave, and loving always because the time will come that you will also meet those who will help you stand against all odds and obtain a happy and colorful life greater than what you have ever imagined.”

We are journeying with these young survivors for the long haul.

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Start Where you can:
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We’re working to end child trafficking and exploitation.

For over 12 years, Love146 has been helping grow the movement to end child trafficking while providing effective and thoughtful solutions, including:

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Trafficking and exploitation depend on vulnerability. How are children vulnerable? What tactics do traffickers use? Go deeper into the issue and hear accounts from children we at Love146 have served.


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