we’re taking 20 years of experience and working

to see a generation

free from trafficking

Invest in survivors’ futures

Change the equation

Equip the next generation

Over the past two decades, Love146 and supporters, like you, have been journeying with courageous young people in the fight to end trafficking. Together, we’ve reached over 70,000 children around the world with Prevention Education and Survivor Care.

This work has grown by listening to children, communities, and survivors — and we’ve never stopped learning. Child trafficking is a real problem, and none of us can be satisfied to accept that it’s just a part of life. 

Join thousands of advocates investing in a generation free from trafficking.

Your support helps to:

Invest in survivors’ futures

Supporting a child today will ripple for generations. Children whom we served more than a decade ago are now thriving.

change the equation

Bringing 20 years of experience and the lessons we continue to learn to other leaders – shaping the responses of society, and the anti-trafficking field.

equip the next generation

Putting robust trafficking prevention programs in more communities, especially to reach the most vulnerable populations – including children of survivors.

One night 20 years ago...

“We stood in a brothel with undercover investigators, looking through glass at young girls. They wore matching red dresses. Each girl had a number pinned to her dress that corresponded to menus. The children sat motionless, watching cartoons on a crackling TV… except one girl. She was staring at us with a piercing gaze. Her number was 146.

That moment changed something in me. It’s challenged me to not look away. To see the one instead of “the cause.” Today, we join courageous young survivors in the fight to end trafficking. They teach us that it takes love. Love opens our eyes, love gives us the courage to pursue justice, and love continually reminds us to be more human.”

Rob Morris
Co-founder & CEO