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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
— Margaret Mead

Within the greater movement, we’ve witnessed how powerful it is for small groups of people to come together to learn, brainstorm, and take action in their neighborhoods. Love146 Volunteer Teams are groups of people passionate about seeing abolition in their community.


These are groups around the world who gather together on a regular basis to learn more about trafficking and take action together. If you’re passionate about ending human trafficking, joining with like-minded people is a great way to extend your impact.

What does it take to start a Volunteer Team?

1. gather people.

So you want to start a Volunteer Team… but how do you get people to come along for the ride with you? First, take an inventory of who you already know that you can invite to join your Volunteer Team. Are you a member of a worshipping community? A student? A member of a community softball league? You only need a few committed people to begin the process of starting a Volunteer Team.

Read the Starter Kit

2. Read through The Abolitionist Curriculum

The Abolitionist Curriculum is designed to educate Volunteer Teams about different aspects of human trafficking and guide them through the process of becoming abolitionists in their area. Going through the Abolitionist Curriculum is a great way to get your Volunteer Team off the ground!

Download the Curriculum

3. Your First Meeting

You’ve got enough people to schedule your first meeting. Now what? What should the first meeting look like? How should you prepare? The first module of the Abolitionist Curriculum is designed to guide Volunteer Teams through their first meeting—so don’t worry. We’ve got you covered on discussion topics! Make sure you familiarize yourself with the curriculum before the first meeting so you can answer any questions people may come with.

4. Empower Your Community

Once you’ve gone through the Abolitionist Curriculum, you’re ready to take charge of ending child trafficking and exploitation in your community through Community Empowerment Initiatives. We’ve got the resources and instructions you need to talk to the “eyes and ears” of your city. By talking to people like hotel owners, taxi drivers, and truck stops about what trafficking looks like, we can make sure that trafficking and exploitation can’t go on undetected.

Learn More

5. Fundraise for Love146

We’ve seen a huge variety of fundraising ideas for Volunteer Teams—some people host benefit concerts at their school, others plan bike rides around their town, and some even plan events at breweries. Let the unique interests of the members in your specific Volunteer Team guide your brainstorming.

Start Planning

RESOURCES FOR Volunteer Teams

Whether you’re searching for a Love146 logo to use on your Volunteer Team t-shirt, videos to show at your next meeting, or event planning guides, the Love146 Downloads page has you covered.



  • I hosted an event and raised lots of money! How do I send you the donations?


    All donations can be mailed to the following address:

    1800 Camden Road, Suite 107-273
    Charlotte, NC 28203

    Checks can be made out to Love146, or you can also donate online – www.love146.org/donate. Don’t forget to include a note in the envelope with your TF code or to include the TF code in your online donation. This helps us keep our paperwork in order.

  • What is a TF code and how do I find mine?


    TF codes are a unique number assigned to each Volunteer Team in order for us to be able to track the donations coming in from a particular group. They’re also a helpful way for Volunteer Teams to know about donations being sent directly to Love146. Whenever you are sending in donations from an event, be sure to include your TF code, and if you know of someone planning to send in a donation, ask them to note your TF code. If you’re not sure what your TF Code is, email us at action@love146.org.
  • I’m having a awareness booth at my school, can I get Love146 brochures from you?


    Yes, email info@love146.org to request brochures. Make sure you include your mailing address and the number of brochure you think you will need. Make sure you email us well before your event; brochure orders can take a couple of weeks to turn around.
  • I’m organizing an event. Can I have a speaker from Love146?


    If you’d like to request a speaker from Love146, please email info@love146.org asking for a Speaker Request Form. Our ability to attend events and respond to speaking engagements depends on the staff capacity and the location of the event.
  • How do I create a page for my Volunteer Team on the website?


    Volunteer Teams do not each create a page on the Love146 website. Instead, we suggest that you create a Facebook Group for your Volunteer Team. This can be an efficient, convenient way for your Volunteer Team to stay connected and exchange information. Once you’ve created a Facebook Group, send us the link so that we can then send it on to those who express an interest in joining a Volunteer Team in your area.
  • My Volunteer Team started out with 30 people and now only around 8 come regularly, is this normal?


    This is normal, lots of group start out big and then as life circumstances change for people numbers begin to drop. Lots of our most effective Volunteer Teams run with a committed team of 6 – 12. You want consistency over numbers!
  • My Volunteer Team is part of my church. Is there a way we can receive updates on issues we can pray for?


    You can sign up for prayer request text messages! Just text Love146 to 411-247. Messages are sent monthly.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Email us at action@love146.org

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