Human Trafficking Stories

A Youth in Love146’s Survivor Care Took This Photo. Here’s Why It’s Important:

December 6, 2022
Justine* is one of the many children served by our… Read more
Rob Morris walking in the Philippines with undercover trafficking investigators

20 years ago…

September 22, 2022
This exact week 20 years ago I stood in a brothel with undercover investigators, looking through a glass wall where there were young girls...

In Their Own Words: What Your Support Means to Children in Our Care

August 9, 2022
Children in our Survivor Care would like to share what your support means as they continue at school:

HBO’s “Euphoria” and Child Trafficking

February 9, 2022
Euphoria is a show that debuted in 2019 on HBO. With Zendaya in the lead role of 17-year-old Rue, the plot follows a group...

Why your support matters for Isabella

November 4, 2021
Love146 met Isabella several years ago in a group of youth going through our Prevention program, Not a Number. She wasn’t engaged with the...

Kyle Beach – and our failure to see men and boys as victims, too.

October 29, 2021
Content Warning: This article contains a story of sexual assault.… Read more

Traffickers aren’t setting mysterious items like roses & empty car seats as “traps” to “snatch” and kidnap you.

October 19, 2021
Several videos of misinformation have gone viral, and many perpetrate the myth that traffickers have set random items as traps to target women for...

How You See Yourself Matters

September 9, 2021
After we leave the center, the images and voices of the youth left inside remain with us. They are children struggling with the same...

Don’t get distracted and don’t settle for partial truths about child trafficking.

November 2, 2020
The trafficking and sexual exploitation of children is a “flourishing”… Read more

Calm in the Chaos

April 20, 2020
Earlier this year in the Philippines, we gathered the children in our Survivor Care and evacuated to remain safe from the eruption of a...

“Love146 will never abandon me.”

March 14, 2020
As schools and many community activities close, many children will spend more time online. This is where most youth in our care met their...

A New Decade

January 2, 2020
On this day 2 decades ago, human trafficking had yet to be defined as a crime by the United Nations & United States. Because...

October 2019 Updates

October 15, 2019
Rob Morris on Prevention, U.S. Survivor Care eliminates its wait list; "Wynonna Earp" fans show us a little love, and more stories from the...

The Outlaw Ocean: Q&A with Ian Urbina

July 20, 2019
his week, Love146 is highlighting the work of Ian Urbina, who has spent the past several years reporting on trafficking at sea – with...

Let’s Talk About Race and Human Trafficking

June 4, 2019
"My dark-skinned friends and I were sold for less. These aren’t just ideas about relative worth in society or perceived racial disparities – these...

You Can’t Stay Here.

March 7, 2019
A few weeks ago, a young person named Moon* turned… Read more