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Texas is the second most populous state in United States⏤there are thousands of at-risk youth who face the dangers of trafficking and exploitation daily. In 2013, Love146 opened an office in Houston, Texas to implement prevention education, provide quality care to survivors of child trafficking, and empower communities of local abolitionists.

Programs Operating in this Area

  • Prevention Education

    Our prevention work in Texas is taught in schools, community centers, group homes, and juvenile detention centers around the Houston area. We’ve reached thousands of youth in classrooms and community settings in order to equip them to recognize vulnerabilities and protect themselves from exploitation. In order to reach a broader audience, Love146 created Not a #Number, an interactive five-lesson human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation prevention curriculum.

  • Survivor Care

    Love146’s Rapid Response program began in 2014. When we get a call about a youth who has been identified as trafficked, exploited, or at-risk, we meet with them to provide an urgent response to the dangers they could be facing. We have an in-depth conversation with them, undertake safety planning, and provide a backpack filled with a range of items that children and service providers have deemed important. Our Rapid Response program helps ensure that the youth we work with have the information and resources needed to protect themselves.

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