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Our Round Home in the Philippines is uniquely built and designed to facilitate the restoration and holistic health of every child entering its doors. A tree house is used for therapy sessions. A volleyball court is available to play on. There’s even a punching bag for children to work out their aggression. The physical structure of the Round Home is intended to promote reflectiveness, a sense of peace, freedom, dignity and self-esteem, as well as playfulness so that children can simply be children again.

The approach to running the home is attuned to the needs of the exploited and traumatized child, which include both the needs of ordinary children as well as children who have been wounded in many ways, lack hope, are broken, and lack opportunities and self-worth. Therefore, the Round Home is characterized by efforts to keep the child safe and well provided for, instill hope, effect healing and restoration, promote growth and development, facilitate the release of potentials, and enable the child to come full circle, liberated from their traumas and suffering, to realize their innate worth.

Aftercare does not end when a girl leaves the Round Home. Love146 journeys with girls, aiming for a holistic reintegration into society. It has been commonly observed that when girls from safe homes are reintegrated into their communities, they either get re-trafficked or return to a community environment laced with shame issues, ongoing risk factors, family dysfunction, stereotypes, and taboos. Love146 works to bring families into the restoration process if possible and safe, which sometimes requires locating lost family members. We would like to make a difference by giving our reintegrated girls a better fighting chance.

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Updates from The Round Home

  • “They look after me like I am their daughter.”

    When Jelena first came to our care, she wouldn’t discuss what happened to her, but little by little, she has begun to open up and process. Jelena enjoys caring for the animals on the Love146 farm, going to school, and she recently won first place in the rope jumping contest.

  • Can we just take a minute to celebrate the cutest tiny friendship ever?

    These two little ones have a lot in common. They’re both from the same region. Peter is four, and Yamile turned four last summer. They both came to into our Survivor Car around the same time, at the age of two. Today, in 2017, they’re practically joined at the hip. They walk to school together with a Love146 staff member every morning and sometimes go swimming together in the afternoons in the pool at the White Home.

  • Who are these children? They are scholars.

    Whenever we were with the children in public places, people would ask, “Who are all these children? Are they siblings?” I would say, they are cousins or they are playmates, or just ignored the question. Now I have determined that Love146 children will be called “scholars” instead of “clients” as they would be called in all the other safe homes or shelters in the Philippines. The children’s eyes lit up when they heard the word “scholar.” And as I explained why “scholar” is an appropriate term for them, I thought I saw great self-worth dawning upon their faces.

  • What is the first night of freedom like?

    She’s still a little nervous as she gets out of the car, walks through the garden. This brick path has carried many young people with heavy histories and cautious steps. But she’s grinning from ear to ear, taking in the plants and the cricket song and the sweet night air.

  • Why It Matters That She Can See

    What can a new pair of glasses mean for a young girl in our safe homes?

  • These girls.

    These girls are fighting daily for everything they deserve, despite what they’ve been dealt. When we sell them short, we hold back all of humanity.

  • Five stages of getting excited for the future

    When you’re in the middle of grief and anger, it’s hard to see yourself as a creative participant in your own bright future. But we believe this is possible. So do a lot of kids in Love146’s survivor care — and they have powerful things to teach us about the beauty of what is to come for each one of us.

  • To Hazel, on Your Thirteenth Birthday

    Thirteenth birthdays are a big deal. And today, we want to celebrate a very special one. It taught us all something about generosity and the power of one person, no matter how young, to change the world.

  • 15 things friends are for: a reminder from the littlest kids in our safe homes

    Whether we’re 7 or 70, we owe a lot of thanks to the people in our lives who remind us to be goofy, to be brave, and to be ourselves. Check out these pictures of the youngest children in our safehomes being good friends to each other. We promise: It’ll make your day!

  • “Our lives will be a beautiful puzzle.”

    The children in the Love146 safe homes recently took a field trip…

  • A Child’s First Silent Night

    Does the moment described in “Silent Night” have anything to offer to people who are suffering? What difference does one calm, loving scene make in this world where so few know peace?

  • All is calm? All is bright?

    For a lot of us, the holiday season has its challenges. It reminds us how things “ought to be,” and we may find ourselves wishing our lives and families looked more like the happy, healthy ones we see in movies and Christmas cards. This is true for many children in Love146’s global survivor care programs. We’re determined to do whatever it takes to help them feel important and loved during the holidays!

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