Human Trafficking Causes & Intersections

6 Years of #MeToo: Honoring Progress and Recognizing What’s Left

October 27, 2023
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How Child Trafficking is Related to Risks for LGBTQ+ Youth

June 1, 2023
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This Labor Day, knowing your rights is still important.

August 31, 2022
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What Causes Human Trafficking? 10 Risk Factors that Increase Children’s Vulnerability

August 10, 2022
While there aren’t just 10 vulnerabilities, risk factors, or causes of child trafficking, here are some things that can increase a child’s risk for...

5 things to look for in anti-trafficking organizations you support

July 27, 2022
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12 Facts about Child Sex Trafficking

July 19, 2022
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What You Need To Know About Child Sex Trafficking

July 18, 2022
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Do’s and Don’ts for Teaching Your Kids How To Be Safe on the Internet

June 7, 2022
The internet is a great place to connect with others, enjoy funny content, and learn new things. However, when it comes to kids, it’s important...

Don’t Let Politicians & Big Tech Manipulate Your Concern for Children

April 1, 2022
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Conducting Anti-Trafficking Work Using a Racial Equity Lens

March 31, 2022
Recently, there was a request for information made by the US State Department's Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons. The Senior Policy Operating Group...

Why Economic Empowerment Matters

March 16, 2022
Have you ever made a mistake when it comes to schooling, employment, or finances? Well, for survivors of child trafficking, a few financial misfortunes...

What is the Love146 Employment and Education Program?

March 11, 2022
This week at Love146, we’ve had a generous donor match donations to celebrate Women’s History Month. We’ve decided to have 100% of all donations...

Three Black Colleagues Shaping Our History

February 28, 2022
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Creating Evidence in the Anti-Trafficking Movement: UNH begins groundbreaking evaluation of a child trafficking prevention program.

February 14, 2022
While many child trafficking prevention education curricula have been developed, to date, none of them have undergone a rigorous external outcome evaluation to show...

What this Week’s Snapchat Updates Mean for Human Trafficking Prevention

January 21, 2022
On January 19th, Snapchat announced new security measures to their platform in order to make it harder for adults to connect with adolescents they...

Traffickers aren’t setting mysterious items like roses & empty car seats as “traps” to “snatch” and kidnap you.

October 19, 2021
Several videos of misinformation have gone viral, and many perpetrate the myth that traffickers have set random items as traps to target women for...