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Love146’s programs will be evaluated

We want to do what works: Love146’s programs will be evaluated by UNH, funded by the CDC and Department of Justice

November 7, 2022
Love146 will be one of the first anti-trafficking organizations in the US to undergo rigorous outcome evaluations that are independently conducted by a third...

“Why Prevention Education”

October 10, 2019
When the McCain Institute and the Administration for Children and Families asked our President & Co-founder Rob Morris to give the keynote speech on...

October Updates

October 16, 2018
How do we measure success? — and other quick updates about how we’re continuing to fight child trafficking...

Bringing Prevention to Youth in Detention

January 26, 2018
Our Prevention team visited a juvenile detention center to speak with young people about human trafficking. What happened gave us hope.

Sextortion in Schools: Advice for Educators

October 6, 2017
Students are growing up in a world of social media. Gaming Platforms, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok — these are today's gathering places. The space where...

A new currency for teens – a powerful tool for traffickers.

September 12, 2017
Kik's new virtual money increases risk for teenagers online.

“If Only I’d Known”

August 25, 2017
My first experience with this phrase is deeply etched in my mind: A young girl shared that she had met a group of people...