Round Home

We Interrupt These Scary News Cycles to Bring You…BALLOONS AND ICE CREAM!

November 3, 2016
The survivors who live in our safe homes are children, and that breaks our hearts. But it also means they deserve to be children.

What a Laptop Means in Survivor Care

November 1, 2016
Some days, a bright future seems too good to be true. But when you walk into class on the first day of university and...

Fifteen Parts of Teenage Life In Our Safe Homes in the Philippines

September 15, 2016
A lot of people ask us what life looks like for the children in the Love146 safe homes in the Philippines. The answer? You...

From Responsibility to Renewal

August 12, 2016
It’s harder to feel useless when the little tomato garden is growing healthy under your care. It’s harder to believe that nobody has hope...

Other Children

July 25, 2016
Without a focus on justice, there’s a dark possibility that for every child we care for, another spot for a child to be victimized...

Music as Medicine

July 5, 2016
Music plays an important therapeutic role in our safe homes for children who have survived trafficking and exploitation. As they heal and play and...

7 Reasons We ♥ Our Farm Animals

June 10, 2016
It’s obvious to us that the Love146 farm animals have cared for the kids just as the kids have cared for them. We owe...

The First Few Moments

June 6, 2016
When the Round Home goats gave birth this spring, their newborn kids reminded us that this world is not an easy place to be...

A World Safe for Wonder

May 31, 2016
When life feels safe enough, your eyes and your heart can begin to open to the beauty and wideness of the world.

Speechless (This Has Got to Stop, Part 2)

March 30, 2016
The story of hope from a 1-year old survivor of exploitation.

The sounds of a dream come true

February 26, 2016
When you’re standing in the midst of a dream come true … and a 5-year old who you would think shouldn’t have a reason...

Toward a culture of sharing

January 7, 2016
Caroling is a tradition in the Philippines, wherein children go… Read more

First Audience

December 18, 2015
At Love146, different forms of self-expression are encouraged, including music. Every little sound they make is met with lavish praise and encouragement.

Life is like a wheel, Life is like a night

December 15, 2015
A profound poem by Cecily, a survivor being served by Love146 in our Round Home in the Philippines.

“Thank You for Giving Us Hope”: The Voices of Children

November 25, 2015
“Thank you for giving me shoes.” “Thank you for giving… Read more

“I will rise above poverty, and continue to dream big”: Amplifying the Voices of Children

November 20, 2015
“We are the world’s children. We are the victims of… Read more