Round Home

Beyond Hiding

October 28, 2015
Our Director of Asia Survivor Care shares about what a safe home means to her.

Education: Its importance to the Round Home Girls

August 21, 2015
What does education mean to survivors of child trafficking in the Round Home? No one says it better than, well, the survivors of child...

I prayed to own a bike

August 13, 2015
Remy has spent years with Love146 recovering from trafficking. Last fall, she received a bike from Specialized Bikes. This is a piece she wrote...

The bike follows my lead & I am the one leading my own life

August 10, 2015
Recently, Specialized Bikes, one of the largest bike brands in the world, donated 16 bikes to survivors Love146 serves, as well as provided a...

Happy New Year!

June 30, 2015
At Love146, typical of many non-profits, we operate on a fiscal year instead of a January to December calendar year. Our “year” goes from...

Victims to Liberators

June 24, 2015
Read about how survivors can play an important role in the healing of other children, and how this can liberate them from their earlier...

The Science & Art of Survivor Care

June 23, 2015
Dr. Gundelina Velazco shares about how survivor care is both a science and an art, and how in the Round Home, we aim to...

The Here and Now

June 19, 2015
Love146 Director of Asia Aftercare shares about how one of the ways we help survivors of child trafficking heal is to focus their awareness...

How Long

June 8, 2015
When I was a child and our family headed out on a road trip, I was that kid that kept asking every 10 minutes:...


May 21, 2015
The children walked away traumatized, and with physical pains... and the trafficker walked away with hundreds of dollars sent through money transfers.

I saw your comments

May 6, 2015
We shared your comments on the video of Remy's story. Read Remy's reaction...

Growing Vegetables and Growing Hearts

April 30, 2015
The Love146 Round Home is a weirdly beautiful place—A tree… Read more

The power to tear a trafficker’s world apart

April 29, 2015
What does it take to bring down a trafficker? It takes a powerful hero who will topple obstacles and stare down monsters: it takes...

Round Home Journeys: Serey

April 8, 2015
The Round Home has been open for six years this… Read more

Round Home Journeys: Nory

When gently asked how she was feeling, she said through tears, "I feel so alone in this world and that I have no parents...

Seeing through a child’s eyes

March 26, 2015
Recently, the girls and boys in the Love146 Round Home and White Home went to the Mall of Asia in Manila to watch the...