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The Round Home has been open for six years this month. Dozens of girls have come through the home since then. Though many have left the Round Home to continue into the next chapters of their lives, we still journey with them. Over our next few blog posts we want to share with you the stories of some of these amazing women.

Nory was referred to us by another home in 2008; a Catholic nun who was working with her shared that Nory would not talk nor participate in activities, but would simply stare with an emotionless expression. They were at a loss and worried, so we were called.

Nory was, indeed, very quiet on her first day with us. We made her feel welcomed, supported, safe and loved. We understood her lack of trust. We didn’t hurry her; instead, we made it clear we were willing to wait. On the third day with us, we received this email from our Director of Asia Aftercare, Dr. Velazco:

She has broken her silence. When gently asked how she was feeling, she said through tears, “I feel so alone in this world and that I have no parents at all.”

She said she had vowed not to cry ever again and would steel herself when starting to feel the pain so that the pain would be replaced by numbness. But this time she was crying and was embarrassed about her crying. I told her crying is all right because it lets you experience the remaining pain in safety and with support. She cried freely. Then she seemed at peace. We talked about the future. She left the room with her first ever smile since she arrived. It was a very beautiful smile.

Nory’s journey with us continued from there. She made good friends…


She continued to work through her experience…


She danced…


She met the band Paramore…


She and her best friend in the Round Home decided to get an apartment together…


And they worked at a pizza parlor together, but came back to visit us in the Round Home on their days off…


On one visit, we asked her to tell us about the most important thing she had learned in the Round Home. She said it was about being strong. She said she developed strength because of the support of the staff and the other children. Then we asked her about the things that she experienced for the first time when she came to the Round Home. She said lots; she couldn’t remember them all. She said it was having a loving family, being truly loved, being happy and respected for the first time. She never experienced such respect before.

And then one day, Nory met a man and fell in love. She asked if she could be married in the Round Home Chapel.


Her husband fed her spice cake…


And today, Nory and her husband have two healthy children. We go to visit them regularly.


Nory and her family struggle financially, but are safe and love each other. If you purchased Holiday Cards from Love146 this Christmas, you helped support Nory’s family! At Love146, we believe it’s not about fairy tale endings, but a journey. Love146 is there for the long haul, and will continue in relationship with Nory thanks to your generosity.

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We'd love to keep you in the loop with periodic updates


You Might Also Be Interested In...

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