A Mother Returning Home, Bearing Chocolate

May 6, 2010
Today is my third day visiting our prevention programme in Moldova. I was especially keen to get out of the capital city Chisinau and...

The Power of Love

May 1, 2010
We celebrate with the girls as they find love in a partner.

New Video

April 29, 2010

The beauty of true networking and collaboration– Safe Harbor for CT children!

April 27, 2010
Wow.  15 minutes ago, the CT Senate UNANIMOUSLY passed S.B.

Love146’s Request for a Judiciary Committee vote on S.B. 153

April 15, 2010
Love146's Request for a Judiciary Committee vote on S.B. 153 - An Act Providing a Safe Harbor for Exploited Children:  

Congratulations Amanda

April 12, 2010
Amanda has graduated from elementary and will be attending nursing school beginning in June.

Education on the Border

The Cambodia Border Prevention project continues to work with vulnerable youth along the border region in Cambodia providing opportunities for education and skills training.

Wishing on a painted star

April 6, 2010
A few years ago I was on a lunch date with my wife at a great local Thai restaurant. After lunch, we walked over...

Sticking it to the man

March 18, 2010
I heard my friend Lamont, Co-Founder of Love146 give a talk recently, challenging boys to rebel against a hyper sexualized and pimp culture that...

Next steps in supporting CT Safe Harbor bill

March 16, 2010
I've been working with The Barnaba Institute and ECPAT(End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) these past couple of months on moving a CT Safe Harbor...


“What these victims need above all is to know that they are not alone; that we are not forgetting them, that when their voices...

Congratulations Diana!

March 15, 2010
Diana came back to the Round Home as a staff member.

Celebrating Children

March 12, 2010
Love146 Director of Asia Prevention, Glenn Miles PhD continues to be committed to equipping those working with children at risk with the skills needed...

Great CT training opportunity

February 24, 2010
  Our good friends at the Barnaba Institute are hosting a valuable training opportunity in 2 weeks:

Safehome Girls on Holiday

February 23, 2010
Dr. Velazco, her staff and the girls traveled to a southern province for a holiday.

Hijra Docu-Drama in Postproduction

February 20, 2010
This week we received a report that the Hijra Docu-Drama went into postproduction on Thursday.