Courage Empowerment Forum

June 2, 2011
Rob Morris joined Lyn Twyman's Courage Empowerment Forum.

What does “Prevention” do?

May 26, 2011
It is a harsh reality of counter trafficking that prevention work is underfunded globally.

Chab Dai Members Meeting

May 23, 2011
This month in Cambodia, Love146 participated in Chab Dai's largest Member Meeting to date, attended by over 45 member organizations.

1% For Humanity

May 18, 2011
1% for Humanity® has approved Love146 to receive member donations.

Defying Gravity

May 9, 2011
In 2002 during the UN General Assembly’s Special Session on Children, two young delegates representing the children of the world made the following statement;...

A Common Thread

May 7, 2011
A common thread we often see in children who are survivors of child trafficking and exploitation is that they long for home. They especially...

Open Your Eyes

May 3, 2011
Deschide Ochii (Open Your Eyes) Love 146 are currently in the process of rolling out a national prevention campaign with partners across Romania

The Momentum of a Gift

April 14, 2011
Every Wednesday over lunch, Love146 staff in our U.S. office meet to discuss what’s happening in the organization and the Abolition movement. Yesterday, something...

Update from Ukraine

April 7, 2011
A few of us are in Ukraine right now to meet various partners to develop a prevention strategy for at risk youth and to...

But what about refugees?

March 25, 2011
We have been expressing for many years that human trafficking is mostly a tragic reality in vulnerable communities-both for labor trafficking and sex trafficking....

Sara Kruzan Given Clemency!

January 6, 2011
Last month, Love146 joined GEMS, Change.org, Equality Now, Polaris Project, Shared Hope International,


January 5, 2011
“I resolve to continue accepting my self for who I am right now. …to be stronger, to continue fighting and never give up.”

The kind of Love that inspires poetry

December 17, 2010
"The Round Home has become a world of poems, songs, metaphors. When the girls are encouraged to think in metaphors, then they are able...

Cambodia: Border Officers Project 

December 3, 2010
The Border Officers Project in Cambodia tracks children crossing the border.

In Sight of the Future

Dr. Velazco reports on the inspiring progress of Norma, a new member of the Roundhome.

Justice in the Philippines

November 22, 2010
Survivors courageously testify against their exploiters.