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4 Cases of Trafficking in the Book Demon Copperhead

Though we’re glad to see realistic depictions of trafficking in Demon Copperhead, the phrase human trafficking isn’t found. This is understandable as the story is set in the 90s and the term didn’t become common until the following decades. However, as thousands of people read and discuss this book, we...

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Rob Morris walking in the Philippines with undercover trafficking investigators

20 years ago…

This exact week 20 years ago I stood in a brothel with undercover investigators, looking through a glass wall where there were young girls wearing red dresses. Each girl had a number pinned to her dress that corresponded to menus. The children sat motionless, watching cartoons on a crackling TV…...

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HBO’s “Euphoria” and Child Trafficking

Euphoria is a show that debuted in 2019 on HBO. With Zendaya in the lead role of 17-year-old Rue, the plot follows a group of high school students as they maneuver how to handle identity, trauma, drug addiction, love, and friendship.  And in season 2, a child trafficking plotline seems...

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Why your support matters for Isabella

Love146 met Isabella several years ago in a group of youth going through our Prevention program, Not a Number. She wasn’t engaged with the meetings and struggled to complete the sessions. Our Prevention program is designed with sensitivity to the fact that some youth who attend may also have been...

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How You See Yourself Matters

After we leave the center, the images and voices of the youth left inside remain with us. They are children struggling with the same issues that children outside the walls struggle with: self-image, a need to belong, figuring out who they are in the world, wanting to be genuinely loved.

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