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There are times when local police can be part of the problem and not part of the solution. The leader of one of our projects in Cambodia decided to target a local corrupt police chief. This leader spent two years building relationship with the chief of police and tried to educate him on the effects of trafficking. In the beginning the chief was not at all interested in working closely with this project but after two years, the chief of police is now training people in the community about trafficking, he is a member of the Child Protection Network and has asked us to conduct workshop training in surrounding areas throughout the province. 

This Love146 prevention project lives in an area of Cambodia next to the border of Thailand. Borders are notorious for trafficking, especially this one. This prevention project uses a holistic approach to meet the situation and needs of the people, especially children within the community through:

1. Supporting children in education through education classes (for children who are not able to attend public school), supplemental classes, high school dormitory, school materials, transportation, English classes, student clubs and study tours.

2. Raising awareness in the community through conducting workshop training on child rights, human trafficking, safety migration with parents, children, local authorities and public teachers.

3. Increasing income within the poorest families through providing training on raising animals and businesses plus providing micro finance loans. 

4. Running the Children Protection Network (CPN) to provide prevention, protection and intervention in the community.  CPN plays a role as a community watchdog. CPN is an organization made up of children, parents, pastors, village leaders, community leaders, public school teachers and police.

5. Building relationship with children’s families through home visits to educate and encourage parents on how to support children. In some cases, to intervene in the family when issues arise. 

(child in photo is not a victim/survivor of sexual exploitation. He is in one of our 

prevention projects). 



Love146’s work is simply impossible without support. 

Your Partnership in Prevention sustains the operation of the Love146 prevention programs in Asia and the U.S. 

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