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In the trenches of parenting, there aren’t always right answers — but there are strategies & wisdom tested by the day-to-day tangle of family life. For January, during National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Love146 shared new resources for Parents & Caregivers to keep children safe. Then we asked: What specifically works for you? How do you raise children to be safer in our world? We received several beautiful responses, filled with tips and insights from fellow Love146 supporters who are parents.

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My first experience with this phrase is deeply etched in my mind: A young girl shared that she had met a group of people — people she thought were her friends. When things began to change, she wasn’t aware what was happening until it was too late. She said, “If only I’d known then what I know now.” These “friends” became her traffickers. They identified her vulnerability and need for connection, and they skillfully exploited it.

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