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We’ve made an easy-to-use system for you to engage your team, group, or workplace with Tread on Trafficking. Our workplace challenge is designed to bring your people together around a fun and heartwarming common goal. Tread on Trafficking can boost morale while aiding in the work to end child trafficking. The challenge is a simple combination of two really effective business world trends – charitable giving and wellness. Download the pack to get started!

How Charitable giving benefits the workplace

Is workplace giving and volunteering important?

71% of surveyed employees say it is imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering.  (American’s Charities Snapshot Employee Donor Research)

Do employee engagement programs attract & retain talent?

88% of company leaders believe effective employee engagement programs help attract and retain employees. (American’s Charities Snapshot Employee Donor Research

Why Wellness initiatives matter for your team

Does workplace wellness impacts company culture?
About 77% of employees think that workplace wellness programs positively impact the company culture (Forbes, 2013)
Does workplace wellness increase financial sustainability?
63% of employers offering wellness programs reported increased financial sustainability and growth (IFEBP, 2017)
Does workplace wellness reduce healthcare costs?
60% of respondents reported that workplace wellness programs reduced their organization’s health care costs (US Chamber, 2016)

Here's how it works:

  • Community

    Tread on Trafficking has a strong, community building component. Your can form multiple teams within your company. The friendly competition between teams will build camaraderie and make fun memories. Instead of having different departments compete with each other, (ex: finance vs. product) we recommend assigning Treaders to random teams that are not based on their job role. This creates an opportunity for people to interact and grow friendships across departments!

  • Wellness

    Treaders will join a team and choose their own wellness goal. Some wellness goals examples are a specific amount of: running, cycling, swimming, paddle boarding, weight lifting, walking, pogo stick hopping, painting, water drinking, etc. Once they've set their goal and joined a team, they can ask their family and friends to sponsor them as they work to complete their goal.

  • Meaning

    Every dollar raised will support the mission of Love146, to journey alongside children impacted by trafficking today and prevent the trafficking of children tomorrow. Treaders will have the satisfaction of knowing their efforts are having a positive impact on the lives of real children. We'll give you inspiring messages and videos to share with Treaders throughout the campaign, to help them keep children at the forefront of their hearts.

What supporters are saying:

It's easy to implement!

We made this pack to walk you through everything you need to engage and inspire your team. Download, give it a read, and start Tread on Trafficking!