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Why Pride Matters for Ending Child Trafficking

June 28, 2021
For the vast majority of LGBTQ+ youth, the systems setup to protect and build resilience – family, laws, religion, peers groups… — can be...

Introducing the 2021 Love in Action Award Winner: Laura Hagen

June 3, 2021
Watch Laura Hagen’s remarks: More about Why Laura Was Given… Read more

Words Matter: Why We No Longer Call Trafficking “Slavery” and Anti-Trafficking “Abolition”

March 30, 2021
At Love146, we have used the terms “slavery” and “abolition” and we have passed this problematic language on to our followers. As we strive...

How Child Trafficking is Related to Isolation

January 25, 2021
A young person without strong relationships will be easier for… Read more

How Child Trafficking is Related to Unemployment

January 19, 2021
Economic pressure caused by unemployment or underemployment in a family… Read more

How Child Trafficking is Related to Housing Insecurity

January 10, 2021
Children at risk of losing their housing, or without safe… Read more

How Child Trafficking is Related to Food Insecurity

January 4, 2021
A key to preventing trafficking is knowing that traffickers use… Read more

You are more than essential

December 30, 2020
Most of the world never saw it coming. 2020 took… Read more

Don’t get distracted and don’t settle for partial truths about child trafficking.

November 2, 2020
The trafficking and sexual exploitation of children is a “flourishing”… Read more

How System Change Will Help End Child Sex Trafficking

October 22, 2020
Many assume that ending child trafficking just requires us —… Read more

Hope Beyond the Political Divide

Believe it or not, combating child trafficking and exploitation is… Read more

It’s Just Us

October 15, 2020
My two youngest daughters were in their room recently with… Read more

Nearly Half the Children in Our Survivor Care Have Suicidal Thoughts

September 25, 2020
I thought I was so dirty and so useless in… Read more

Racism and the Exploitation of Children are Connected

September 18, 2020
Over a year ago, we started to share what we’ve… Read more

May Updates — Part 2

May 26, 2020
Our children and staff are safe after typhoon Vongfong, and other news updates from our staff.

May Updates

May 7, 2020
Our online safety PSA; presenting at a U.S. Health & Human Services and U.S. Department of Justice listening session; equipping children in Madagascar ......