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Celebrating Black Colleagues Who Are Shaping the Work of Love146

January 25, 2023
Happy Black History Month! We want to celebrate just a… Read more

We Asked Child Trafficking Prevention Experts 5 Questions

January 18, 2023
We sat down with human trafficking prevention experts and asked them five commonly asked questions around child exploitation.

It’s Human Trafficking Prevention Month. But… what is prevention, anyhow?

January 5, 2023
According to the US Presidential proclamation, it's human trafficking month. but... What is prevention, anyhow?

15 anti-trafficking resources for youth, caregivers, and activists

January 4, 2023
January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and Love146 has many resources for youth, caregivers, and activists, like you. As you browse the links below,...

What could your donation do this holiday season?

December 9, 2022
Your donation allows Love146 to provide critical support to survivors. Here are some examples of what your donation means to a child:

A Youth in Love146’s Survivor Care Took This Photo. Here’s Why It’s Important:

December 6, 2022
Justine* is one of the many children served by our… Read more

She was just 13 when she was introduced to a trafficker.

November 22, 2022
After years of experiencing poverty and suffering abuse, Kayla was introduced to her trafficker by friends at age 13. She developed substance dependencies to...
Love146’s programs will be evaluated

We want to do what works: Love146’s programs will be evaluated by UNH, funded by the CDC and Department of Justice

November 7, 2022
Love146 will be one of the first anti-trafficking organizations in the US to undergo rigorous outcome evaluations that are independently conducted by a third...

Ways Your Holiday Season Can Support Love146’s Work Ending Child Trafficking

October 28, 2022
Here are a few ways you can help end child exploitation and spread holiday cheer to those you love.

Hispanic Colleagues Shaping Our History

October 14, 2022
Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! This month, we want to celebrate just a couple of the many Hispanic colleagues and partners who are shaping our...

The trend of inaccurately calling things human trafficking

September 23, 2022
As we’ve shared before in the past year, inaccurately calling… Read more
Rob Morris walking in the Philippines with undercover trafficking investigators

20 years ago…

September 22, 2022
This exact week 20 years ago I stood in a brothel with undercover investigators, looking through a glass wall where there were young girls...

1 minute videos that will change your day…

September 16, 2022
The children in our care are not voiceless. Translated from their language, tagalog, the words in these videos below are directly from the boys...

A 20th Anniversary Reflection from Love146’s Co-founder, Rob Morris

September 15, 2022
Anniversaries are occasions when you mark a significant moment of… Read more

It’s Suicide Prevention Month

September 1, 2022
September is Suicide Prevention Month. Many of the core issues that make children vulnerable to trafficking also put them at risk of suicide.

This Labor Day, knowing your rights is still important.

August 31, 2022
Labor Day was created by the labor movement in the… Read more