We come alongside trafficked children, remaining a constant support and relentlessly advocating for them.
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Many services exist, but few survivors have a trauma-informed advocate equipped to navigate these systems.

Love146’s Survivor Care Program provides targeted services to youth who are at high-risk for or are confirmed survivors of trafficking. True freedom for a youth looks many ways; it is for this reason that Love146’s services are based on individualized Care Plans, developed in collaboration with youth and their support networks. Through these Care Plans, Love146 works to support youth as they build the futures they envision for themselves, futures free from exploitation.

We never want to foster dependency, so as youth grow and become independent, flourishing young adults, our support steps back slowly. However, we’ll always be there and we don’t close a case. This program doesn’t depend upon a safe home. The most pressing need we found was long-term specialized care that can partner with families and other support networks. What began with one social worker is now a statewide program in Connecticut, with a team of over 20 dedicated professionals.

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Rapid Response

Love146’s Rapid Response services take place in a one-on-one setting, providing youth with critical information and safety planning related to child trafficking. Topics typically covered during a Rapid Response include the following:

  • The realities of child trafficking
  • Different recruitment and grooming processes
  • Behaviors that increase vulnerabilities
  • Healthy relationships
  • Internet safety
  • Individualized safety planning

Each youth is given a Rapid Response backpack filled with a range of items youth and service providers have identified as being critical for this population.

Following the Rapid Response, Love146 completes a Rapid Response Summary Form that provides a written overview of what was discussed during the Rapid Response and offers recommendations for follow-up service provision.


Love146’s Long-Term Services are grounded in individual care plans, developed with youth in conjunction with their caregivers and other providers. Through these care plans, Love146 works with youth and their support networks.

Love146 provides direct services to youth on a weekly basis to help them achieve their care plan goals. Direct services may include, but are not limited to, skill development, education and employment assistance, crisis intervention, safety planning, application assistance, appointment accompaniment, and court/trial preparation and assistance.

In addition, Love146 participates in case meetings to help inform the services youth receive, and provides support services to caregivers and providers so that they are better able to support and meet the needs of these youth. Love146 staff are also available to provide after hours support to participants, caregivers, and service providers when urgent situations arise.

Employment and Education

Victims of human trafficking are most likely to recover from their victimization and remain free from it when they have the skills, resources, and confidence to attain financial independence. Typical workforce development programs are often unable to meet the needs of victims of human trafficking and, in some cases, they can cause additional trauma. Leveraging our comprehensive understanding of human trafficking and trauma-informed services, Love146’s Employment and Education Program provides targeted services to enhance the quantity and quality of economic and post-secondary education services for youth on their path to healing from trafficking and exploitation.

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