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1 minute videos that will change your day…

September 16, 2022
The children in our care are not voiceless. Translated from their language, tagalog, the words in these videos below are directly from the boys...

Beyond Resilience

September 20, 2017
Resilience generally means the ability to bounce back or recover from trauma or difficulties. In the physical sense, resilience is the ability of a...

Can we just take a minute to celebrate the cutest tiny friendship ever?

May 23, 2017
These two little ones have a lot in common. They’re both from the same region. Peter is four, and Yamile turned four last summer....

Who are these children? They are scholars.

May 18, 2017
Whenever we were with the children in public places, people would ask, “Who are all these children? Are they siblings?” I would say, they...

Five stages of getting excited for the future

February 10, 2017
When you’re in the middle of grief and anger, it’s hard to see yourself as a creative participant in your own bright future. But...

To Hazel, on Your Thirteenth Birthday

February 6, 2017
Thirteenth birthdays are a big deal. And today, we want to celebrate a very special one. It taught us all something about generosity and...

15 things friends are for: a reminder from the littlest kids in our safe homes

January 23, 2017
Whether we're 7 or 70, we owe a lot of thanks to the people in our lives who remind us to be goofy, to...

“Our lives will be a beautiful puzzle.”

January 4, 2017
The children in the Love146 safe homes recently took a… Read more

A Child’s First Silent Night

December 22, 2016
Does the moment described in “Silent Night” have anything to offer to people who are suffering? What difference does one calm, loving scene make...

All is calm? All is bright?

December 16, 2016
For a lot of us, the holiday season has its challenges. It reminds us how things "ought to be," and we may find ourselves...

We lit our candle from hers.

December 13, 2016
Some days it feels foolish to believe like this, to tend our defiant hope against so much darkness. But this holiday season, inspired by...

“We should treat ourselves as princes and princesses instead of slaves.”

November 15, 2016
For children whose needs and agency have not been respected, self-care helps them learn how strong and important they are. “Before, other people controlled...


November 10, 2016
What's the buzz at the Love146 safe homes? Six new hives of stingless bees! Under the children's care, the safe homes are reaching a...

We Interrupt These Scary News Cycles to Bring You…BALLOONS AND ICE CREAM!

November 3, 2016
The survivors who live in our safe homes are children, and that breaks our hearts. But it also means they deserve to be children.

What a Laptop Means in Survivor Care

November 1, 2016
Some days, a bright future seems too good to be true. But when you walk into class on the first day of university and...

Fifteen Parts of Teenage Life In Our Safe Homes in the Philippines

September 15, 2016
A lot of people ask us what life looks like for the children in the Love146 safe homes in the Philippines. The answer? You...